Yoga: Improving your work environment

This article was last updated on May 19, 2022

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In Yoga we use the calming force of Pranayama or breathing to create a harmonious environment at work. Be someone who breathes away common complaints instead of venting them to others, especially during lunch or break time which is needed to refresh, decompress and renew for the rest of the demands of the work day.

A 2006 study by Northwestern U. in Chicago, shows that having to listen to someone who is high maintenance in the complaining department causes you to loose your own focus and it lessens your work quality. It is also a tremendous drain on your energy. Lovingly tell others that you must complete your assignment, then smile and turn away. If the matter is serious, you can always make arrangements to speak with them away from work at a more appropriate time.

While at work, periodically remind yourself to take a deep breath. (Remember to breathe through the nostrils) If you’ve had a difficulty, take a moment to sit down, cross your ankles (right ankle over the left), then criss cross your wrists (left over right) and turn them in and under and up onto your chest (like turning your arms inside out). This creates a balanced energy circuit while you breathe deeply for about 1-2 minutes. Your anxiety and frustration will dissipate putting you on top of your game for the rest of your day. If you are in plain view of other and can’t do this, a quick trip to the rest room to rinse steamy but comfortable water over your wrists for about 15 seconds will help. Then do the breathing during a break. Have a wonderful week.

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