The Facial Oil That Finally Made Me Believe In Facial Oils

For someone who pays about as much attention to “rules” as Donald Trump in front of a teleprompter, even I have a few strict guidelines I follow faithfully: never, ever take the tequila shot, no open-mouth kissing in the morning, and hold the oil unless there’s bread involved.

Now, I’m not completely oblivious to how hydrating and glow-inducing oils can be, but when I think about slathering one on my face or hair, the slick, greasy texture stops me every time. Only until recently, when my therapist advised I push myself out of my comfort zone once a day for a week, did I finally consider breaking a rule. (She probably intended for me to do something a little more emotionally challenging, but… baby steps.)

My face after using the oil for one week.

My mini experiment was made 10x easier knowing my elixir of choice was by Kevyn Aucoin, a makeup brand I’ve used and loved for years. But I’d be a liar if I said it wasn’t also because the oil is just so… pretty. The pale pink liquid comes in three phases: squalane oil, highlighting mica, and water. Given its built-in illuminating properties, and because I rarely (read: never) wear highlighter, I decided to add a drop into my foundation each morning.

Then, something amazing happened: I barely noticed it was there. There was no greasy residue left on my fingers. My combination skin didn’t look like one big oil spill at the end of the day like I had expected. And my face had the most amazing natural glow to it — like I had just come back from a tropical vacation (when I really just trudged through the New York City nor-easter). Maybe, just maybe, I’ve misjudged facial oils all along. I think I’ll take that tequila shot now.

Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Elixir Weightless Beauty Oil, $52, available at Net-A-Porter.

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