Yoga: Projecting Nothing But Success

This article was last updated on May 19, 2022

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Entering into the first light of this new year, we can reflect on an ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana, in which Lord Ram, the last Raghu king of the Ikshavatu dynasty is banished to a deep wood for 14 years, along with his consort Sita and with his brother. Instead of complaining, the ever fore bearing warrior prince Ram looked at his fate and drew upon his wisdom. What would have been devastating to the average man became an adventure. What started with extreme obstacles and dreaded events became exciting challenges and eventual victories.

Begin this new year with the same attitude. Consider it a great new adventure. Don’t complain, stay focused on the ultimate success of all that you endeavor. Armed with the golden arrows of determined intention, transform every possibility into assured success.

Trying to close that real estate deal, complete a project, get a raise or win that promotion? Try the following concentration and breathing technique to help accomplish your goal.

The Golden Arrow Concentration Technique for Success:

Pick up the file folder, documents or application of your objective, while taking a deep breath. Exhale the breath of success into the documents. Place them on the desk before you focusing all of your intention for success, while envisioning a golden arrow in your mind. Breathe in again, then concentrating with all of your force, exhale and let the arrow find it’s mark, as it lands accurately and successfully. Silly idea? Not when you see the results that pin pointing your concentration brings. Yoga Works!

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