Yoga, A Moment’s Peace

It has been said that the practice of Yoga enables one to manipulate the energies of time and space. And, there is at least one old story about how a business man wanted to learn the secret of projecting himself through it in order to save not only time, but air fare as well. He went deep into the jungle in search of a guru who knew this secret so that he could learn it. Upon meeting the guru, he explained, that being able to teleport himself through Yogic means would reap him financial savings. The guru, a very wise teacher, agreed to teach him this difficult technique. The first assignment the businessman was given was to go home that night and to meditate by not thinking of a monkey. That seemed so simple! Success would be his! When he sat down to meditate, he found that all he could think of was monkeys. One after another, an endless stream of every kind of monkey came into his mind until, running like the wind to reach the guru, he begged to have the curse of the monkeys removed. The guru explained that to learn such an advanced technique without first learning to be still in meditation, was impossible. The business man then became a serious student following the guru’s instruction. And so it is with becoming successful.

Being successful at your job, your relationships and keeping well is also incumbent on learning how to be still through the practice of meditation. The more quiet and stillness you afford yourself, the more magnetic you will be and the more successful. Your stress level hormones will also decrease while your endorphins increase giving you more happiness in your life. Yes, you can learn how to teleport, but first you must learn to be still in meditation.

Find time, even at work, just for a minute at a time, to slow down. Look out of a window at a tree; close your eyes, breathe and think happy thoughts, take one word such as, patience or forgiveness, saying the words in your mind slowly. At home, use your time in the bath or shower to meditate on the quality of water. Sit near a window and try to listen to the wind or the rain. Simple? Yes, but effective tools. Yoga Works!

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