Yoga: Nad Yoga & The Art of Listening

In Yoga, seekers of enlightenment practice the art of listening very deeply to the inner sounds that vibrate along the Nadis, or subtle nerve channels. It is said that these sounds are generated from the energy chambers deep in the subtle anatomy. Imagine if you could learn to listen so intently that you could zero in on a single sound and understand its quality and so comprehend the deeper meaning of life. Imagine that ability incorporated into your day to day work relationships where you are able to listen so intently that you hear what the other person is trying to say, but not able to convey. Learning to listen on this deep level is said to be listening with the heart. When you practice being able to listen one-pointedly hearing what others cannot hear, you perceive higher vibrational intentions that are thought yet not necessarily spoken. You are then able to respond from that same inwardly attuned space and true communication can take place, You have moved yourself forward leaps and bounds not only in your spiritual practice but on the job as well. Such an ability enhances your performance and helps to keep you keen to what’s truly going on around you.

When you have time, cover your ears, including pressing on the ear flaps and imagine that you are journeying down into your inner ear. Listen for sounds that you know are not being generated by outside noise. Let your breath settle down so you are really quiet. Make a note of the sounds which may sound like water running through pipes, a kind of echo, and other far away sounds. The next day, try to really zero in on someone’s voice so much that you are able to no longer hear any background noise. Now try to ‘hear’ what they are intending to tell you but that they may not be saying. You can practice this in your personal relationships so that you learn to ‘hear’ what someone is saying to you from their heart but having a hard time expressing. In time, your intuition, arising from a true ability to hear inwardly will pay off in ways you cannot yet imagine. Yoga Works!

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