Yoga: Mantras and The Art of Professional Communication

Since ancient times, Yogis have used the practice of spoken words, carefully selected to create the perfect vibration for their journey towards enlightenment. Often these Mantras are given as a gift from the guru, which are fitted exactly to the needs and vibration of the student. Based on sound vibration, they can be very powerful. Here in the west, the use of affirmations is very common also but one thing that is not so widely practiced is the awareness of the misuse of speech, which according to Yogic tradition should always be clear, uplifting and positive, even when referring to negative situations needing change. Sounds like a tall order, but all that is really needed is to try to consciously avoid whining, complaining and slanging. Whining puts you right in the victim, powerless seat where success is unattainable. Complaining puts you in the ineffective seat where you accomplish nothing if you are trying to rectify a situation. Slanging or using vulgarity puts you right into the commonplace seat, where, undistinguished by eloquence, your words fail to convey your intelligence and where you will attract those of lower mentality.

Spend a little bit of time to craft a list of creative, assertive clear words and phrases that you can use. And practice not complaining or whining. You’re going to feel like the great Yogis of the East, full of wisdom and poise. Your employers and co-workers will look up to you and you’ll succeed at every turn.

Here’s a sample mantra to try out this week: "I speak with clarity, confidence and effectiveness, creating success every day". Yoga Works! For a motivational, morale building workshop at your location, please write to Acharya Khadi at

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