Yoga: Lotus Blossoms, Blowing Horns and Shifting Gears To Manage Stress

This article was last updated on May 19, 2022

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Here in the West, blowing a horn at someone is considered rude, but in India it isn’t. There are many trucks in India and they all have one thing in common, a beautiful Pink Lotus flower painted on the rear with the words, "Please blow horn". In traffic jams in New Delhi or Mumbai, one can hear the constant sounds of metal gears changing as the drivers manage the traffic patterns and the terrain. Here, blowing a horn creates all sorts of problems including arguments and nasty words flying out of windows. So, what does this have to do with managing stress at the office or to and fro? Symbolically, the Lotus represents a mind pure and free of the debris of the world. Learning how to ‘shift your own gears’ at work can play an enormous part in alleviating a build up of stress. We can think of a blowing horn as the blowing of the sacred Conch shell that signals that something important is going to happen. Something good. It’s about changing our viewpoints. One way to ‘shift gears’ between difficult projects–ones that require creativity or problem solving is to have some small activity on hand to do for 3-5 minutes before starting the next project. I keep a small cross stitch project (no bigger than 3×5") that I can sip a cup of tea and do, just long enough to relax my mind. Before long, the right idea comes to me and the work I begin goes more smoothly. You might like to simply hand write a postcard to someone to say hello instead of an email, or play with a non-electronic toy such as a Rubex cube, or crossword puzzle. This allows your addled mind to re-focus. Thinking of the noise of a horn as a kind of sacred call, also alerts you to shifting the gears of your mind to something different and you can use this cue while you are in traffic on the way home, with renewed anticipation of something wonderful about to happen.

Lotus Shifting Energizing Technique: Rub your palms together until warm. Place over your eyes for 2 deep breaths visualizing a white lotus flower floating on water. Inhale, raise your arms above your head. Exhale, arms down and let your head sink forward onto your chest. Inhale, bring head gently upwards, looking upwards towards the ceiling with wide open eyes to signal the brain to release endorphins for a happier mood. Relax bring your head back to beginning. Yoga Works!

Sending you a little Yoga Bling,


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