Yoga: The Mahabharata and Good Business

In the ancient epic of The Mahabharata, the Pandavas gamble away everything they own, including their dignity, in an effort to maintain power and wealth. Not knowing when to quit or use a new strategy, all is lost to them and they are exiled for many years. This eventually leads to a spiritual awakening, but wouldn’t it have been just as well to take an easier route? They had excellent council and education, but could not utilize discipline and care or see the bigger picture until they were banished and had to wrestle with the darkness they had brought to themselves, depicted in the epic as the Rakshasas, creatures of the night.

One of the most important messages in the story is spoken by Yudhisthara, who says that "silence is needed in the world". He knew what he was talking about. It is also good for successful business as much as being able to communicate well. Being able to go within and turn away from external distractions, creates a buffer zone where insight, intuition, and clarity can surface. Not to mention energy conservation. Don’t wait to be exiled into chaos, job loss or decreased productivity. Choosing to set aside time everyday that is yours alone is the ultimate new age technology that has no moving breakable parts, or limited warranty. Start with 7 minutes a day. Work with a simple mantra if you don’t already have one. Something like "I am here, I am calm and I am ready for the next great thing to happen". Use the mantra for a minute or two and then slip into the golden silence. Let your breath flow naturally with your tongue pressed gently to the roof of your mouth. Remember all for which you are grateful and await clear successful golden insight. Yoga works!


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