Ontario surgery wait times now online

Wait Time Reporting Most Comprehensive In Canada
Ontario has achieved a major milestone in its efforts to reduce wait times. The latest data show provincial wait times for all surgical areas in the province are within target.
The province has recently expanded its wait time reporting to include all adult and paediatric surgical areas. Through the wait times website, Ontarians can now find wait times for procedures in all surgical areas performed at hospitals across the province.
By tracking and reporting the data and making strategic investments, Ontario is giving hospitals the tools they need to improve wait times while providing patients the most transparent and up-to-date information available.
Ontarians now have access to the most comprehensive surgical wait time information in Canada.
Since 2004, Ontario has moved to complete disclosure of all surgical and diagnostic imaging wait times in the province. Previously, Ontario had no public information available on surgical wait times.
Publicly reporting wait times allows Ontarians to find quality health care closer to home and builds on the government’s Open Ontario plan to provide more access to health care services while improving accountability for patients.

"Our government believes that ‘if you track it, you can improve it.’ By publicly reporting wait times for all surgical areas, we’ll drive better results in our hospitals and empower patients to make informed decisions about their health care."

 – Deb Matthews
Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

"Health care providers have consistently risen to the challenge of lowering wait times and improving access to quality care over the last six years. They now look forward to the complete transparency that comes with the reporting all surgical wait times in the province as a way to further benefit patients."

 – Dr. Jonathan Irish
Provincial Lead, Wait Time Strategy

"Ontario’s hospitals support the expansion of reporting wait times to all surgeries. The OHA is pleased to see that the wait times in these new areas are within their respective clinical targets and have not been impacted by the focus on the original five wait time priority areas."

 – Tom Closson
President and CEO, Ontario Hospital Association


  • New surgeries now being reported include: gynaecologic surgery, neurosurgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery and dentistry, otolaryngic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, thoracic surgery, urologic surgery and vascular surgery
  • Ontario is now the first province in the country to report on paediatric surgery wait times by hospital
  • Ontario currently reports on wait times for over 190 different procedures and diagnostic exams
  • The 2009 Report card by the Wait Time Alliance gave Ontario straight As for reducing wait times for hip, knee cancer, cataract and cardiac surgeries. Ontario was the only province to score As in all five areas.  

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