Yoga: Pacing the Office Floor or Walking The Palace

This article was last updated on May 20, 2022

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India is known for it’s magnificent, beautiful, breathtaking and sometimes haunting palaces. The most famous, naturally, is the Taj Mahal, however, there is the Pink Palace of the Winds in Jaipur, the Amber Fort, Fatihpur Sikri, The Water Palace and one to which I have yet to visit, The Lake Palace in Udaipur. These are a few. When one arrives, one must remove ones shoes so as to walk softly on the ancient floors. One also must keep quiet in order to be able to take in the splendor and the spirit of these ancient works of art. What if you could transform your office or workspace into a palace, a secret palace as if the greatest Vasthu master had come to create it. This could be a taller task than scaling to the top of Mt. Abu! However, with a little imagination we may be able to create the feel.

Walking the Palace; Walking Meditation

When you have 10 minutes to yourself. Slip off your shoes. Start at the door or entrance of your office. Take a deep breath while stretching your arms outward and upward, then bringing them down to the center of your chest in Namaste position, or clasped down in front of your body, in order to center your energy. Continue to breathe with awareness. Visualize your favorite palace, which is now your office. Slowly, step out with your left foot making sure to step with the intention that you are walking on special ground. Proceed and walk the perimeter of your space until you reach the door. Proceed again, but this time, make it a point to walk, circulating around any chairs, tables, your desk, then finish by returning back to your door. Finish with another deep breath. Relax arms and return to work much more centered. Don’t forget to put on your shoes. Yoga Works!

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