Finding Shangri La: Putting Yourself In the Best Light-Your Own and the Environment

Ever notice how some people just seem to shine, while others seem to drain you the minute you come into close proximity to them, while still others you feel like you have to avoid.  What you’re experiencing is the energy being emitted by them.  It’s either soft and enlivening, or it’s sharp and uncomfortable to be around.  Sometimes you don’t feel the negative effects until you slow down for a different activity and subsequently feel as if you are completely drained of energy and clear thoughts.  You may even feel slightly unwell. 
It’s important to pay attention to the kind of light around you. Both from your contacts and also from the lighting in your environment.  Each  one can have a deep impact on your ability to function happily and effectively.  If you work under flourescent lights all day you may, over time, start to develop a serious senstivity from them.  Symptoms can include, dry eye, a sense of feeling sleepy even though you’ve had enough sleep during the night, headaches and lastly, a lack of  time awareness as if you are suspended in a timeless universe.  One solution is to purchase tinted glasses with either light amber, yellow or pink lenses.  If you already use eyewear, purchasing color changing lenses will help to adjust the lighting and you will see a reversal of these symptoms in a short amount of time.  Remember that your skin reacts to this type of lighting, sometimes interfering with your body’s release of Melatonin and interfering with your sleep if you work late at the office. 
Now for the ‘lighting problem’ you may have with putting yourself in the best light.  It’s important that you respect the space of others.  Keep a healthy distance so that you never have to feel that you are in the way.  Keep a smile on your face as much as possible to release those endorphins.  Stay upbeat refraining from giving them bad news about your own personal life unless it is at an appropriate time and place. Someone being difficult?  Practice trying to like something about them in order to get past the feeling of resentment, anger and other detrimental feelings that steal your own good energy.  Try sending them (silently and invisibly) little golden rays of light and be surprised when their energy seems to shift.  Each effort you make to help others move past their own anger, fuels your field with positive energy. Sometimes you’ll find a real hard case with some people, but with a little diligence, over time, your efforts will pay off in some really great energy.  You will have moved yourself ahead and up the success ladder as you start hearing people referring to you ‘ in a better light’.

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