Finding Shangri La: Business and Money in Shangri La

I’m often asked about how the ancient wisdom of Yoga and finding enlightenment is related to earning a living, becoming prosperous, starting and creating a successful business, all the while not foregoing one’s dedication to a spiritual life.  It’s a matter of balance.  If we think of the field around us, our immediate, personal field, as a bubble of energy that expands outward to the eight directions of the expansive universal field, we have to visualize that the energetic fabric of our field must maintain a certain integrity.  We can expand the whole of it commensurately as we expand our well-being, wealth, intellect, relationships and so on, but if we endeavor to expand only one portion of it, such as wealth, if we are only concerned about amassing a huge sum of money, then we push that energetic portion of our bubble disproportionately out of range, causing an unbalance somewhere else in our lives.  Usually when wealth becomes out of range, our relationships suffer the imbalance.  You can see this in people who have money but are not happy in their personal relationships on a deep and meaningful level.  You can also see this with people who are very rich, but become terminally or chronically ill where the money isn’t able to buy them a means of becoming well.  In the Yoga of business and money, you never want to have your prosperity out of balance or outside of the range of the Great Plan for you.  If you knew that your glass would always be full and you would never be thirsty, there would be no need for you to have a watershed.  The water would always be there to quench your thirst and you would live in fullness.  So it is with money.  The object is to have it come in and to have it be in balance, and flow out and come back again. As long as it keeps cycling back to you and out, it can come in greater and greater amounts if you are expanding the other areas of your life as well.  The old masters said it is dangerous even to be attached to Yoga practice.  Attachment causes the problem.  In business be authentic, be generous, make your portion, increase your portion, but do it in relation to how you increase your love, your joy, your well-being and you flow all of that back out to others.
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