Canadian blood donations down, Donate to save a life

Canadian Blood Services are appealing to the public to give the gift of blood this holiday season. During this break many are away on holidays or busy with other activities and the service has a difficult meeting the demand for blood. Donations usually go down.
The Toronto Star reported, Canadian Blood Services is urging people to donate blood next week in hopes of making up its projected shortfall. The organization collects about 161,800 units each year from Toronto residents, which works out to roughly 3,111 donations a week. So far, less than 2,000 donation appointments have been booked for the week of Dec. 27.
I have done this numerous times and it is simple. It takes about one hour from beginning to end and is painless. Well, okay, you have to suffer through a pin prick but hey! You’re man enough to deal with that, right? Plus you get a free cup of coffee and a cookie. Ah, I always like getting a cookie for being a good boy. 🙂
I was always surprised to find out that in all of Canada; only about 2 to 3 percent of the eligible people donate blood. Just 2 or 3 percent? Heck, think about it. If all the eligible people donated blood, we’d have blood coming out our ears! It is unfortunate that we can’t develop more of a community spirit whereby we all did our part to contribute back to our society a little bit and here I mean literally a little bit of ourselves. Canada is "our" country. Let’s support it with a little bit of "our"selves.
You can call 1-888-236-6283 or visit to find out more or book an appointment. Find a clinic near you.
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Canadian Blood Service
Canadian Blood Services is a not-for-profit, charitable organization whose sole mission is to manage the blood and blood products supply for Canadians.
To this end, Canadian Blood Services:

·         Collects approximately 850,000 units of blood annually and processes it into the components and products that are administered to thousands of patients each year.
·         Manages the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network whose mission is to secure, in an expeditious way, donors for Canadian bone marrow transplant patients and for patients abroad.
·         Screens every donor and tests each unit of blood or blood product collected for a variety of transmissible diseases.
·         Ensures that Canadian transfusion medicine research and development remains at the cutting edge.
Canadian Blood Services is committed to blood safety. In addition to the effective screening and testing processes, this pursuit of safety is reflected in every branch of its organizational structure and in each management and operational decision that is made.

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