6 Pumpkin Kits For Every Type Of Halloween Stan

Pumpkin carving is a spooky season staple: it appeals to all ages, it's cute, it's festive, and, if you go the extra mile, you get to snack on pumpkin seeds for all of October. Even for those who aren't into the whole eviserating-pumpkins thing, there are tons of funky decorating kits that require absolutely no scalpels (or Jack-o-lantern guts!).

Whether you want a classic jagged-tooth Jack-o'-lantern but hate using stencils OR you prefer your pumpkins unscathed and dressed to the nines, there's a kit out there that you can work with. Ahead, shop six very cute (and spooky) carving to just-decor options that will appeal to whatever level of Halloween stan you happen to be.

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Pumpkin Carving Tools Set with 12 Pumpkin LED Candles Lights

Best For: The Old Fashioned Halloweener
A standard all-in-one pumpkin carving kit for anyone who desires a cult-classic pumpkin carving experience –– oh, and it also comes with lights! 

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ButyHome Pumpkin Carving Tools Sets with 12 Pumpkin LED Candles, $, available at Amazon

Unicorn and Mermaid Theme Pumpkin Kit

Best For: The Spooky Cutie
This kit takes a different approach to pumpkin decorating — instead of spooky you'll be channeling cutie. It comes with two seven-piece unicorn and mermaid decal sets that easily stick into your pumpkin with metal rods. Adorable results with little effort (and even less pumpkin-gut mess)!

Shop Decorae

Decorae Halloween Pumpkin Kit Sets (Unicorn and Mermaid Theme), $, available at Amazon


Pumpkin Punchers

Best For: The Time Saver
This cookie-cutter-like carving kit is guaranteed to save you time (and your aching wrists). It’s great if you love the look of a classic Jack-o'-lantern but are artistically challenged — and/or hate incessant back-and-forth jabbing. 

Shop Pumpkin Punchers

Pumpkin Punchers Pumpkin Punchers, $, available at Amazon


DIY Succulent Pumpkin Craft Kit

Best For: The Chic Pumpkin Lover
Use this kit to put your pumpkin on the best-dressed list. This set comes with real succulents, fresh moss, and a cute little pumpkin! It’s the perfect transitional decoration for those who like to leave their pumpkins out until Thanksgiving. (Note: you need a hot glue gun for assembly!) 

Shop Riverside Succulents

Riverside Succulents DIY Succulent Pumpkin Craft Kit, $, available at Etsy


12 PCS Pumpkin Carving Kit & 1000 Ebook Stencils

Best For: The Professional
You technically do not have to be a pumpkin carving expert to buy this kit — but, it still provides you with all the tools you need to make an intricate and Instagrammable Jack-o'-lantern. It also comes with an E-book filled with 1,000 different stencils in case you want to carve a new pumpkin every day for three years straight.

Shop Comfy Mate

Comfy Mate 12 PCS Pumpkin Carving Kit for Adults, $, available at Amazon

Halloween Party Pumpkin Carving Gift Basket Set

Best For: The Gift Giver
If you know someone who LIVES for all things Halloween, then this gift basket is for them. It comes with a basic carving kit, Halloween-shot glass, popcorn, and more!


EARTHWINDAIRFIRE Halloween Party Pumpkin Carving Gift Basket Set, $, available at Etsy

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