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As a beauty writer, I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to packing my routine on the go. While I’ve said my fair share of teary goodbyes to full-size bottles that didn’t make it through security (TSA agents, take good care of my La Prairie!), I’ve finally unlocked the secret to making it through the checkpoint unscathed: a clear toiletry bag. (Okay, maybe it isn’t so much of a secret since it seems scores of Amazon and its shoppers are already hip to it.) One search for “clear toiletry bag” on the mega-site will populate a whole slew of reviewer-backed and affordably priced see-through cosmetic cases with viral-product-worthy potential. These genius storage solutions are both practical (no more time wasted digging around to pull stuff off!) AND sustainable (goodbye wasteful plastic baggies!). Plus, if you’re as into pretty packaging as I am, why wouldn’t you want to show off your cutest tubs ‘n tubes? One particularly top-rated Amazon iteration by Packism (the name checks out!) has garnered over 3,600 reviews on Amazon for its organizational prowess — touted by everyone from travelers to flight attendants — and is offered in several transparent colorways. While multiple versions of the clear travel pouch are readily available on the internet (including a very expensive version by Calpak), most Amazon varieties clock in around a very digestible $10 for a three-piece set. And, with summer travel opening back up, just think of all the places you and your well-packed Tetris pouch of beauty products will swiftly go without a TSA hitch.

“I’m a flight attendant and this helps me out every time that I work. It keeps me organized, plus I save time because these bags are clear and I don’t have to take everything out.”

amazon reviewer

Packism Clear Toiletry Bag, 3-Pack TSA Approved, $9.99

These were great for my last trips, one was within the continental US and the other international to Thailand. No issues with TSA you can really fit a lot into these clear bags. So much better than a quart bag. Ladies, I def recommend! I didn’t think I would be able to fit all my makeup, travel shampoo and other travel bottle liquids but I had no problem.

Amazon Reviewer

Sariok 3pcs Clear Toiletry Bag With Zipper, $9.98

Perfect travel bags! I used one for make up, toiletries, and general stuff when I travel. Quality and sturdy material. The zippers are great. I like that they have a shape for easy packing and not over stuffing. Makes you think about what you really need for your trip. No issues at all with TSA. Definitely buy again even for use when not traveling.

Amazon Reviewer

APREUTY Clear Makeup Bags, TSA Approved 6 Pcs, $15.99

I’ve just returned from a trip to Ireland, and this bag passed through security checks with no problem three times (twice for American TSA, once with Irish security at the Dublin airport). The agents saw my liquids in this bag in the tray and didn’t even give it a second look. The bag is sturdy and held up well through weeks of packing and repacking as I prepared for the trip, and throughout the trip itself — the zipper has been used dozens of times now and still works great. The bag was very convenient during my trip, since it stands up well and held my things where I could clearly see them. The attached ribbon handle made it easy to pull out of my backpack. I’m sure I will continue to use it (and the other two that came with it) regularly, even when it isn’t for airline security, just because it’s a great little bag for organization. Very pleased with this product!

Amazon Reviewer

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