Apple’s iPad not living up to the hype!

Dismal Wi-Fi reception and no login memory continue to frustrate
Apple iPad still frustrating a year later

Sexy marketing that sells status and ease of use must be the key to fooling consumers with the iPad.
After a year of use, it still can’t remember login names and passwords.
The Wi-Fi reception is so bad that browsing the web is a painful experience. 3G browsing is even worse.
While it looked like Apple could force everyone off Flash for videos and music players, that hasn’t happened.
At first the iPad was so popular people took it to use all the time. Now it sits on the kitchen table as a Twitter browsing appliance.
A couple of friends who have iPads share the same buyer’s remorse.
My iPad has become a Twitter surfing device and little else. It seems to handle the short messages on Twitter but fails when you want to click through to a link.
Loading a page on Wi-Fi can take almost a minute with good reception. The reason? Apple cheapened out and put in a cheap wi-fi chip.
My work around in Twitter is to start loading the page, they go back to browsing messages while the page loads. 
If I want to share something I’ve read in the Safari browser, linking to Twitter or Facebook automatically is hit and miss.  The iPad remembers the Facebook login better than Twitter. I’m using the official apps for both.
Sometimes, the iPad will remember the login/password but mostly I have to look them up and re-enter. I could of course dumb down my login/passwords.
Flash continues to dominate the internet for videos and music streaming. In fact, most people can’t find a decent Apple compatible music player. With the rise in popularity of Android phones, the ability of Apple to control this market diminishes every month.
Apple’s iOS market share has flat-lined around 25% while Android has jumped ahead.
Apple thinks the iPad will replace computers. They will have to get it right first.
The iPad 2 has the same Wi-Fi chip so that won’t improve and the operating system is the same.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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