Consumer Electronics Show These Products Made For & By Women

Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas had many exciting reveals. A new BlackBerry! Robots for airports! An Alexa-like helper for your kitchen! But one of the best parts of the four-day convention (and the months leading up to it) was seeing how many products were not just made for women, but by women.

In celebration of these female innovators and their creations, we hosted our version of a CES showcase, the Smart AF Suite. Inside were revolutionary fertility trackers, crystal studded wearables, and yoga clothes that literally guide you through your poses. Some of these are already available for purchase and some are early glimpses at what might be possible in years to come. All of them were Smart. AF.

Click through to see some of the best.


A Robotic Helper

Kuri will be the roommate everyone wants. The cute robot can tell you the weather, control music, and read off the latest news before you get out of bed.

Kuri, $699, available for preorder at

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Versatile Frame

If you’re thinking of investing in a piece of art, you might consider buying this digital frame instead. You can use it to access Electric Objects’ art library, so you can switch up the masterpieces on your wall whenever you’re ready for a change.

Electric Objects EO2, $299, available at Electric Objects.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Jacket With Perks

There’s more than meets the eye with this jacket (pictured at top). Use your phone to scan the embedded digital tags in the sleeve and you’ll get access to shopping and dining exclusives.

Rochambeau Bright BMBR, $630, available at The New Stand.

Next-Level Yoga Gear

Do your downward dog with a digital assist. This yoga line (pictured on bottom) has embedded tech that recognizes your movements and vibrates to let you know how to adjust your pose.

NadiX by Wearable X, coming in 2017.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Powerful Bag

Need to charge your phone on-the-go? Just put it in this wristlet. A SmartPocket inside functions as a charging sleeve, so you can forget about having to find a spare cable at work.

Everpurse Kate Spade Quentin Julia Striped Wristlet, $198, available at Everpurse.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Smart Suitcase

This luggage lends a helping hand. Pair it with the integrated app and you can monitor your flight details, make sure your bag isn’t overweight, and track the case itself until you grab it at baggage claim.

Raden Suitcase, starting at $295, available at Raden.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Wearable Fertility Tracker

Put this basal thermometer in your ear for a new way to monitor ovulation.

YONO, $129.99, available at Yono Labs.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Ring With Heart

Of course the most blinged-out tracker we’ve ever seen comes from Swarovski. This genius accessory combines crystals with heart-rate monitoring technology, and sends notifications to your phone.

Swarovski Muse Smart Heart Ring; price and availability not yet released.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Wrist Charger

Clasp this metallic bangle around your wrist and, when your phone dips into the red zone, open the bracelet to reveal an Apple Lightning connector.

QBracelet, $149, available at Q Designs.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


Personal Shopping On Demand

Make mornings a little easier by taking the guesswork out of getting dressed. Rental service Armoire recommends ensembles based on your preferences and, for a flat monthly fee, sends you four pieces at a time.

Armoire Style, $149/month, sign up at Armoire.Style.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Home Check-Up

Keep your home healthy with this device from Netatmo (pictured, at left), which measures everything from air quality and temperature to noise levels. Connect it to the accompanying app to receive a notification about any adjustments that need to be made.

Netatmo Health Home Coach, $99.99, available at Netatmo.

Good Scents

Vitruvi’s diffusers (pictured, at right) last longer thanks to off switches, and come with essential oils sourced from over 30 countries.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, $119, available at Vitruvi.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Must For The Urban Traveler

This foldable scooter is compact, charges your devices, and will make commutes so much faster.

URB-E, starting at $899, available at

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Lit Speaker

This LED lightbulb is an undercover speaker that connects to your Wi-Fi network and lets you stream your favorite Spotify playlist straight from the app.

Twist Speaker, $149, available for preorder at

Photo: Christian Purdie.


An In-Sync Sweater

Sure, you’ve heard of mood rings, but mood sweaters? That’s right — a built-in sensor detects your mood and translates your emotions into color, via the LED-lit cowl neck.

Sensoree Mood Sweater, price and availability not yet released.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Purse Savior

Toss this little light (pictured, right) in your purse, and it’ll automatically turn on when it senses your hand reaching inside. You’ll never have another “I lost my phone…oh, wait, it was in my bag the whole time” moment again.

SOI Handbag Light, $30.28, available at Handtaschenlicht.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


An On-Track Bracelet

Chunky trackers are a thing of the past. This pretty wrap bracelet (pictured, at left) tracks fitness and sends call notifications without blowing its cover.

Rebecca Minkoff Wearable Activity Tracking Bracelet, $95, available at Rebecca Minkoff.

A Mighty Keychain

This stylish tassel (pictured, at right) is small but strong. Plug your phone into the hidden charger for an energy boost on the go.

Rebecca Minkoff Always On Power Tassel Keychain, $50, available at Rebecca Minkoff.

A Case For Your Best Self ( ie )

Take professional quality selfies with this GE-lit iPhone case (pictured, on table).

Rebecca Minkoff Glow Selfie Case, $60, available at Rebecca Minkoff.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Safety Ring

Behind the gorgeous gemstone on this ring lies an alarm that’s easily activated in case of emergency.

Siren Ring, $199.99, available at Siren Ring.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


An Adorable Pain Reliever

Fight aches and pains with this vibrating device, which has attachable cooling wings.

Buzzy XL Personal, $59.95, available at BuzzyHelps.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Miracle Car Seat

Don’t spend another minute worrying over whether your child’s carseat is properly installed. This one installs itself and verifies that it’s set up correctly, so you can get on the road.

4moms Self-Installing Car Seat, $499.99, available at 4moms.

Photo: Christian Purdie.


A Sleek Hair Dryer

Dyson’s foray into the world of beauty came with this unimaginably cool Supersonic hairdryer, a favorite among hairdressers and consumers alike in 2016.

Dyson Supersonic, $399.99, available at Dyson.

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.


A Personal Travel Assistant

Get VIP service with Mezi, an app that helps you plan a trip from start to finish. Whether you need to book a new flight or want to find a spa in your destination, it’ll take the stress out of traveling.

Mezi, free, available on the App Store.

Photo: Courtesy of the App Store.


The Ultimate Resolution-Keeping Tool

Conquer your 2017 resolutions straight from your phone with HelloMind. The app lets you pick a focus area — options include self-esteem, motivation, and sleep — and offers 10 session long audio courses to help you build skills.

HelloMind, free, available on the App Store.

Photo: Courtesy of the App Store.


An Innovative Prenatal Listening Device

This is something you probably did not expect when you were expecting. Download the Shell app from Bellabeat and place your phone’s microphone on your belly. You’ll be able to hear and record your baby’s heartbeat.

Shell by Bellabeat, free, available on the App Store.

Photo: Courtesy of the App Store.

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  1. I love your list here! Thanks for sharing.My favorite pick is smart suitcase where i can pair it with the home automation integrated app to monitor flight details.    

  2. I always visit your lists and I love all your products you share. I specially liked the lit speakers that you shared. Can I get some discounts on this products? And do you guys have shipping avaliable in Pakistan?

    • Hello Will I have read your comment and I can mention that there is a website where you can get your product and they are in Pakistan. Thanks

  3. You can get it in Pakistan from different online shoppings in Pakistan that they can provide you this product directly to  your door step. Thanks and I hope it help you.

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