Sony A57 DSLR Is Ready Now

Sony a57 DSLR

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Sony a57 DSLRSony has a huge product variety which makes them very niche. People are offered such a huge variety that they can choose from in their niche interests. The digital cameras of Sony have come a long way. Initially they started off with the small digital cameras and they brought out a new trend of handy cameras. Now they also offer a wide range of professional digital cameras. Mostly people still prefer Nikon or Canon butSony is also doing a great job.

The new models are coming out with Translucent Mirror Technology. Basically what Mirror Translucent Technology does is that it directs the incoming light to both CMOS image sensor and also the AF sensor at the same time. This is not the only plus point here now users can also frame, focus and preview in real time. There is also high resolution electronic true finder in it.

Sony a57 is also a successor of Sony a55. This model caters to a wide range of DSLR users. The users will be able to take 12 frames per second. It also records video in full HD. There are also a bunch of creative modes in Sony a57 such as Auto Portrait Framing.

The Auto Portrait Framing is an excellent feature. It can do wonders for the users. The camera will work on face detection in this model and also keeping the compositional rule of thirds in its memory. It will also trim the frames if needed and the end result is going to be extremely professional.

Sony a57 and its interchangeable lenses are going to hit the market as soon as April. The body with the kit lens is for $800 and if you don’t want the kit lens then it is going to cost you $700.

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