The Growing Market: The Perfect Climate for Growing Your Sales Team

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The stock market may have been down at the end of last year, but the signs are pointing towards a bright future as we enter 2019. The sustainable growth seen during the last quarter of 2018 is now back on course, suggesting more growth to come this year. This means companies can return to their rapid expansions and big leaps, which also means there will be more opportunities to seize.

As companies try to expand their operations and increase their presence on the market, the need for a capable sales team becomes even higher. Investing in helping the sales team grow alongside the company is a strategic move that companies should make.

The big question is: how can your business grow the sales team and take its members to the next level? The answer is by taking the right sales training and picking up new skills – and sharpening your existing sales prowess. There are several things you need to know about the available sales training programs and how to gain the best return on investment from them.

Go Specific

One of the best ways to start is by equipping all sales team members with new sales techniques, and that is done with the help of programs designed to provide you with a specific skill set. Rather than covering a lot of sales basics and irrelevant subjects, tailored training programs go straight to the point and only include points that matter.Industry-specific courses, programs designed to help you master a specific skill in sales, and even courses meant to help you explore an opportunity are easy to find online. If you are looking for sales training in your area, try a quick search on rather than trawling through Google.  Find courses can help you find and compare different courses from over 4000 training suppliers.

Continuous Development

It is important to understand that people development is never a one-time thing; this is especially true in sales, and in a market as volatile as it is today. The sales team need to adapt to market changes. They need to keep their sales skills sharp and relevant. The sales executives can remain effective in what they do when there is a continuous development program in place.

In a recent report, Statistics Canada cited the growth of the retail industry as one of the driving fuels of market growth. While the market is in a bullish trend, there is also an increase in market saturation. More businesses are entering the market and competing for the same market segments.

It is easy to see how a sharper and more capable sales team becomes the extra competitive edge your business needs to stay ahead. Continuous development allows businesses to invest in their human resources and maintain that competitive edge for a longer period of time. The boost in capabilities bring other returns as well, including the potentially higher sales generated by the team.

Balanced Approach

Investing in people development, particularly in training programs, is a balancing act. You want the sales executives to have the best training possible, but you also want to avoid taking up too much of their work hours for training and developments. Fortunately, reaching that balance gets easier by the day.If you look at the different sales training programs currently available, you will notice that the majority of sales courses and training programs designed for business users are relatively short; you can find training courses that are conducted on the business’s grounds that will last just one day, and there are even shorter courses on more specific subjects.On the flip side, training can also last up to 8 weeks depending on the topic, so make sure to research the different options available that will fit in with your business schedule.

Keep Them Organized

Aside from allocating sufficient time for training and development, it is also necessary to make sure that training programs and the skills they bring support each other. Rather than choosing one course and then moving on to the next one, try to look at the bigger picture and create a more comprehensive development program.

You can plan two or three courses ahead based on the kind of skills you want the sales executives to have. For instance, you can focus on practical sales and deal-making skills with the help of two or three courses that go from a broader view of the subject to specific strategies and tactics.

People development is very similar to the sales funnel. You start with something broader and more attention-grabbing, and then work your way towards more specific subjects to sharpen particular skills. The results of the training will be more valuable for two reasons: they are more applicable, and they last longer in the minds of the sales executives compared to one-time courses.

Align Training with Your Business Strategy

Speaking of keeping the training programs continuous and well-maintained, don’t forget to make sure that the training programs are aligned with your business objectives and strategies. As you may have guessed, continuous development is always a big part of management; the business’s sustainable growth depends on the development of its internal functions.

Sales training isn’t just for sales people; far from it, actually. The sales training provided to the sales team can also be useful for other team members in the company. Everyone can support sales in different ways, which is why providing sales training to a broader audience within the company is always a good idea.

Incentivizing other team members to pick up sales skills is an effective way to expand the reach of the company. With more of the team possessing sufficient sales skills to develop leads and find new opportunities, the core sales team can focus more on converting those leads and seizing the best opportunities for the company.

Leverage Technology

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to take advantage of the technologies available today to make people management more, well, manageable. Rather than going to classes or traveling to another city for a training course, remember that there are now programs that can be taken online. Remote coaching and online seminars are as easy to find too.

Technology brings the new and sharper skills acquired from sales training to life. Implementing a suitable CRM solution while sales executives take customer relationship management training means amplifying the benefits – the return on investment – of the two elements and taking the sales team to a whole new level.

It is the business that benefits the most from combining the use of new technology with continuous people development. Every investment made on these two fronts is an investment that improves the business’s efficiency and effectiveness by a substantial margin.

Add the fact that finding sales training programs is now easier to do, and you have the perfect recipe for growth. Tools such as certainly make discovering the most suitable sales courses easier. Combined with the needs of the sales team, market changes to anticipate, and new solutions offering support for the sales team, there is no reason why you should not take advantage of this market climate to grow your sales team further.

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