How to slow down YouTube videos

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Learning guitar is easier at half and quarter speed with HTML5

YouTube settings with HTML5

From Stephen Pate and Friends – Most guitarists and other musicians like to learn from YouTube.

When the guitar player is moving quickly, it is helpful to slow down the video with this trick that uses an HTML5 browser.

1. First, go to YouTube and turn on the HTML5 Trial

2. Upgrade your internet browser to the latest version that supports HTML5. YouTube lists the most common ones that do.


Google Chrome is the most obvious choice, then Internet Explorer 9 and 10. IE 10 Beta is out and works great with Windows 7. The latest versions of Firefox, Opera and Safari also support HTML5.

3. Restart the computer if necessary

4. Restart the browser, or the computer if necessary

YouTube HTML5 trial -click for full size image

YouTube HTML5 trial -click for full size image

5. Join the HTML5 Trial. The page looks like this.

If the screen says “You are not currently in the HTML5 trial.”, then click “Join the HTML5 Trial”

6. Close the browser to make sure it works.

7. If you use different browsers, you have to click “Join the HTML5 Trial” in each one.

HTML5 gives you more flexibility in video playback, among other improvements.

How to slow things down or speed them up

In the example, we’ll use James Taylor’s Lesson #6 “Carolina in My Mind”.

7. When you click on the “Settings” icon, you will have Quality and Speed settings.

8. Click through to watch the video on YouTube if the settings don’t work in the embedded video.

9. Slow the guitarist down or speed him up if you feel lucky.

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy learning.

If that does not work for you, leave a comment.

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