4G Apple iPhone available in Canada at the end of July

Best new feature has to be FaceTime video calls, worst new feature only in Wi-Fi

iPhone 4 FaceTime video calls but only on Wi-Fi

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has released the latest iPhone 4 on Monday at WWDC. As expected it has front and rear facing video cameras to allow the hot new application -FaceTime.

FaceTime will allow you to video call your friends which is pretty futuristic, even if we saw it on StarTrek. What’s not so hot is you have to be in Wi-Fi hot spot to make the call. Considering other phones have video conferencing on 3G, Jobs is polishing an apple here.

The phones go on sale June 24th, 2010. AT&T is allowing people to upgrade 6 months early if the contract ends in 2010. The 32 GB iPhone4 will cost $299 from AT&T.

Pre-Orders start tomorrow in the US, France, Germany, UK and Japan. Apparently Canada has offended Jobs (LOL) – we get them at the end of July.

Jobs talked about new video advertising opportunities and also his payout of $1 billion to iPhone developers which is impressive.

The iPhone 4 uses the same A4 processor as the iPad and is said to me much faster.

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  1. “FaceTime will allow you to vcomment_IDeo call your friends which is pretty futuristic, even if we saw it on StarTrek.”

    Really? Is the author of this article that out of touch with reality? Vcomment_IDeo Calling has been around for a long time, it has just never caught on. It is a nice feature to have if you are calling a close loved one, but I doubt you are going to want to (or even be able to) turn on vcomment_IDeo for even 10% of calls.

    Only way this would seem futuristic was if you were watching the 1966 StarTrek and stuck in the past.


    Apple vcomment_IDeo from 1990 featuring a tablet /w Vcomment_IDeo Conferencing.

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