How To Use Windows 8 in 3 Minutes

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Quick video shows you how to use Windows in 3 or 4 minutes – was that hard?

The Missing Windows 8 Manual

Scott Hanselman, who works for Microsoft, made this quick Windows 8 instructional video while sitting at a Burger King, which explains the background noise icon smile How To Use Windows 8 in 3 Minutes photo .

Finally somebody at Microsoft took the time to explain Windows 8 for Dummies.

After the video got 1 million hits on YouTube, Scott went back and created a slightly longer and more professional version he called the Missing Windows 8 Manual.

I learned something by watching both videos and Scott is easy to listen to.

Here’s Scott’s post “A few months ago while sitting at a Burger King (yes, I know) I recorded a video on “How to use Windows 8 in 3 minutes” and threw it up on YouTube. It’s been viewed nearly a half million times. Eek. It’s got poor audio, and it’s WAY too fast. I did it on a goof. However, people keep showing it to family and friends.

A man emailed me after sending it to his elderly uncle and let’s just say that the uncle wasn’t impressed with the speed of the video either. It’s great for geeks but not for normal people.

So tonight I took a few hours and did a new video that I’m VERY happy with and I hope you enjoy it. It’s clean, clear, and only 25 minutes long and it explains, I believe, Windows 8 and its changes for anyone with basic Windows experience.

I hope you like it and you share it with family and friends. Also check out the related posts at the bottom.”

Only 180,000 people watched the longer video. Windows 8 isn’t that hard after all.

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