Samsung Tab S vs iPad Air But Really!

Samsung Tab S vs iPad Air But Really!
Samsung’s new ad disses the iPad Air but it does not hold up to scrutiny

By Stephen Pate – Samsung has used funny ads to poke holes in the Apple mystique like the Galaxy vs. iPhone ads from June 2013. Those ads must work to some extent because Samsung is running away with the market. Here’s the Samsung add.

Now The Verge on all the tablets.

I found a more objective view, if that’s possible in the world of fanboys, from The Verge. It rings true with me, including their assessment of the Surface.

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I’ve owned the Nexus 7, Surface 2, Kindle Fire HD and the iPad Air. I tried out the Samsung at Best Buy. I agree with The Verge – the iPad Air is the best tablet for hardware, operating system and simply to use for fun.

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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