Paddles UP, Dragons Away!

Appearing on camera were Harnoor Gill and Victoria Kulchytska at 2011 Annual Dragon Boat Race at Kelso Conservation area in milton Ontario

“If you can dream it, you can do it,” – Walt Disney. Walt Disney was an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, international icon and philanthropist and is well known for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort. In this article I will talk about the Dragon Boat Race event taking place at Kelso Conservation Area in Milton, how I felt about last year’s event and the excitement for this year’s Dragon Boat Race.

This Dragon Boat Race is being hosted by the Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar in support of the Halton Children’s Aid Society and the Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton, just like the previous ones. Dragon Boat Races originated from Asian roots within China and Hong Kong. Since then the world has taken a liking for this sport on an international level and more than 62 countries actively take part in these races annually within their countries. It might surprise you that with so much participation, the Olympic Games have not yet accepted this as an Olympic sport because there needs to be 75 different countries actively participating in that specific sport in order for it to be a part of the Olympic Games.  

However, last year’s Dragon Boat Racing event was a total success with many participants who had a blast racing in a dragon boat which was dressed in traditional dragon materials. I personally had so much fun participating and volunteering all day at Kelso Conservation Area in Milton, Ontario. We tried our best to be the winners but sometimes you just can’t get everything you want. But, we did get wet from the water and had a happy time trying not to hurt ourselves with the paddles. All in all it was a great event with some festive activities to take part in as well as a great place to be in such as our local conservation area.

This year is going to be so much fun because I am going to participate in the races again and I can’t wait till we start because I am so pumped for them. This will be my second time I am going and that means I am more experienced from last time and will be able to perform better than last time. This fun event is scheduled for Sunday, August 12, 2012, at Kelso Conservation Area, Milton. Halton will be entering teams representing their youth in care, volunteers, camp staff and the Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton. The Dragon Boat Festival is a fundraiser organized by the Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar. It’s a fabulous event that generates lots of awareness in the local media about the Halton Children’s Aid Society and the Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton, as well as much needed funds for their programs. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for youth to participate in a community event and learn a great sport. To find out more about the Dragon Boat Festival, visit

Excited? Let’s Paddles Up, Dragons Away for a good cause!! Support the Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton and the Halton Children’s Aid Society!!

Let’s get our lifejackets on, steady our boats and aim to go to the finish line because it’s going to take everything you’ve got to get there!! Happy Dragon Boat Racing!!   


  1. Well done Harnoor. You’re a DOER!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyone interested in helping HCAS (Halton Children’s Acomment_ID Society) with their annual fundraising event – feel free to contact them. Please help them!
    Harnoor, you’re doing a great job, hat’s off to you!! Thank you SOOOO much!!!

  2. Thanks for your great work! It’s wonderful what you’ve been up to, and I’m thrilled to hear of your efforts.
    Best wishes again for being so bold and committed, Harnoor!

  3. Harnoor, You are an inspiration to me and others who will read and learn of your generosity and spirit. I too provcomment_IDe goods and services to the less fortunate. Funny thing, I started when I was about 31 years old. At that time, I was living in a very poverty stricken area of south India but had the heart of God to help others. At age 52, I continue my giving to homeless youth and less fortunate kcomment_IDs who may otherwise not have anything. What you do is exceptionally awesome!!! I pray the universe will grant your every positive and prosperous wish. God bless you young man…Keep your passion

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