Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 39

Samsanga Raja continued to teach Gracie the importance and the complete practice of the Rabbit Pose, ” Once you have brought the palms of your hands to the center of the chest at the heart center, take a deep breath again and gently hold the breath, resting your forehead on the tips of your fingers, so that you are holding the breath in a “Chin Lock” for eight seconds. Think of your deepest heart desires for your highest good while doing this, and then exhale letting your hands relax onto the floor beside your hips, while you bring your head upwards and backwards to face the sky. As you exhale, give thanks for this wonderful event to manifest in your life and bring your head back to its normal position. Now take another deep breath and as you exhale, bring your face down to the mat in front of your knees. You can move your knees apart slightly if this is more comfortable. Allow your face to rest in this position for a moment and imagine that you are going to burrow deep into the very roots of the Earth, deep into the sacred caverns of knowledge and understanding. For that, Gracie is the inner secret of the Rabbit Pose. To be able to travel unseen and unharmed through life’s difficulties. Did you know that Rabbits are known to ‘dance around their enemies’? They have very powerful legs, and not just for fighting, but also for dancing. Now, in order for you to ‘burrow under’, lift your hips so that you can roll up onto the very top of your head, once again at the Thousand Petaled Lotus point to light it up. Let your shoulders relax and make sure that there is no tension in your legs. You should feel like Alice in Yoga*Land when she went down the rabbit hole. You do know that story don’t you, my dear?” Gracie, certainly didn’t know that story. She knew he must have meant Alice in Wonderland, but she just couldn’t bring herself to try to convince the massive pink fluffy rabbit otherwise. And, being upside down on her head made it nearly impossible to answer anyway, so she simply hummed in agreement. “Time for you to come back up now” said Samsanga Raja. Slowly bring yourself back up by lifting your back and head, but mind that you keep your head tucked into the chest all the way up to keep the Chin Lock. When you are all the way back up. Exhale through your nose bringing your head back to normal position and then finish by inhaling again through your nose to look back up skyward, and then exhaling to bring the head back to normal position. Inhale again, moving your arms exactly as you did in the beginning of the pose except that as you exhale, bring your pressed palms to the chest, then push them out flat in front of you, open them wide with an inhalation and as you exhale, bring them around the back of your body and now breathing naturally, grab onto the big toes of your feet and push in at the spot between your big toes and the second toe. There are very powerful points there that rejuvenate and reactivate the body. Don’t forget them, for, someday you may need to restore someone’s dwindling life force. Musika then popped out of his little genie lantern and over to Gracie where he handed her a large piece of notepaper written all in pink ink with the notes he had taken for her on the Rabbit Pose. “Thank you Musika, she smiled, picking up the tiny pink creature. “You think of everything.” Just then the door to Gracie’s house opened and in a cloud of pink dust stood yet another amazing creature, a lion so big she wasn’t sure if he could fit, as he had to squeeze his large pink mane carefully through the door and when he roared, the entire house shook so much that Gracie had to stabilize Musika’s lantern to keep it from falling.

To be continued . . . !

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