Fishing round the world

Fishing is a great solo sport, and even the terminally lazy should not find it difficult to hold a fishing rod and maybe take a snooze while at it. Check out these traditional practices.

Stilt fishing in Sri Lanka
You have to sit on a wooden stilt, usually 5m in length, and plough through the surf with your gear and an empty rice bag to store the “catch”. Whether you fish for your next meal or just to satisfy your fascination, you will definitely have a great time here.

Ice fishing in Lapland
Finns do it alone or in groups, all in their arctic gear, staring into a hole in the water. Join them, drill holes in the ice and stretch a net out under the ice between the holes. And settle down to wait.

Fly fishing in New Zealand
This is a favourite recreational habit for the Kiwis. The sight of a fish jumping upstream in anticipation of bait beats most other fishing experiences hands down.

Surf fishing in Florida
Florida is one of the top three places for saltwater fishing in the world. One has to cast when the waves break, right into the foam. While fishing, be careful you don’t step on a sting-ray!


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