Do you need extra insurance for planning your next holiday?

It’s a fair question, and there is no real easy answer to it. Insurances are just one of these things that everyone agrees it’s a waste of money until you need them.

Off course we all hope that we won’t need travel insurance, but is it worth worrying about your holiday when you don’t get insurance. Here are a few reasons why travel insurance can be useful.

It covers medical costs while abroad.

Unless in some destinations, paramedics won’t check in advance if you can pay for the costs when you have had an accident. No, you will receive all the medical care you need first.

But off course, afterward you will be presented the bill. Depending on the type of accident and situation you had, this could be a costly affair. Fortunately, travelers who have travel insurance will be covered.

Trip cancellation

Traveling is always an adventure, and you naturally want to enjoy it to the full. However, what if you unexpectedly have to cancel your trip due to illness or another event?

Then it is best to have a cancellation insurance policy. Cancellation insurance provides (financial) protection in case you are unable to leave due to unexpected events or if you have to stop your trip early.

Some of the most common reasons why cancellation insurance used:

Medical reasons: illness, accident, death, etc.

Family reasons: divorce, dissolution of cohabitation contract, and the like.

Professional reasons: dismissal, a new contract of indefinite duration, withdrawal of granted leave, and the like.

Material reasons: material damage to the home, to the second place of residence


Nobody wants to arrive at the airport after his flight and notice that his luggage didn’t come through. Unfortunately, it does happen.

Though in most cases, luggage shows up after a few days, you still are eligible for compensation when you have travel insurance. This way you can buy a few new t-shirts while waiting.

Rescue costs

While this is one of the things you hope you won’t experience, it still occurs often. Maybe you love to go hiking in the mountains during your holiday, but what happens when you have an accident up high. A rescue operation in this kind of terrain can be a costly affair.


This is one of the most important aspects of having travel insurance. Having an accident abroad is always possible, and while you will receive medical attention in your destination, you still will want to go home as soon as possible after the critical phase. AA Ireland travel insurance covers repatriation to your home country. And again, this is a costly affair if you don’t have insurance. 

So is travel insurance really necessary?

Necessary, no. But why trying to save some money and hope you won’t have to break the bank when something occurs abroad. Is it worth the worry? Travel insurance puts your mind at ease, and if you think you are one of the few that doesn’t worry about such things, then you need to change your mind because you just read this article till the end.

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