Rancho Margot – Costa Rica

Often referred to as a slice of paradise…..

Rancho Margot – Costa Rica……the daily life at the ranch allows one to be in the moment……every morning dawns with the sound of the howler monkeys, the singing of the birds, it is like an orchestra with the sound of rain adding its own tune to the morning symphony.

I rise, with a smile on my face I head towards the warm pool. Walking through the trails of the ranch I see the glittering of Lake Arenal in the distance, the reflection of the rising sun against the scattered clouds, the freshness of the greenery and the burst of color of the smiling flowers. In the warmth of the pool I continue to see the reflection of the trees, and the majestic magical mountain. I glide in the water, soaking my muscles, and expanding my inner space.

Each session of yoga is a new experience for me. Not knowing who will come for the yoga practice, each practice has a freshness and holds a surprise for me. I practice with the participants, the awareness of each breath and asana flowing in the moment………..the sounds of the adjacent river and the birds, continue to provide the backdrop and a perfect setting for yoga ……..the session ends, everyone slowly rises from savasana ……. I open my eyes and see the glowing faces; my heart begins to glow and radiates out in a smile…….as my purpose at the ranch becomes clear and re-affirmed…………

In the evenings, the guitars and drums, come out filling the warm air with the joyful voice of the workers, ………..always singing from the depth of their hearts.

Is it the energy of the surrounding mountains and rivers of the rainforest, the food and nourishment from the pesticide free soil………….the birds and the animals, the horses, and the two beautiful dogs-Acha and Caramel….. Everything is sprinkled with the smiles of the beautiful souls…….. paradise does exist, and never out of reach.

Tu Eres Mi Otro Yo – (You Are My Other Self). A Mayan concept of unity, we learn to be ourselves through our relationships with others.


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