The Most Romantic Airbnbs For A Much-Needed Couples Getaway

Quarantining with a romantic partner for over a year certainly had its high points, but it’s natural to feel a little cooped up after a while. And when that happens, the best antidote is to take a road trip (still the safest way to travel) to a romantic Airbnb.

Make sure to pack all of the germ-avoiding essentials, like face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. And keep in mind that wherever you go, you'll want to uphold the CDC’s coronavirus restrictions, which currently still recommend measures like social distancing. Also smart: Keep tabs on a coronavirus-tracking map, and proceed with caution.

If you can take a trip with JUST your significant other, it won’t matter whether you default to your usual quarantine routine (hello, Netflix) or do something totally new-to-you-two — the setting will make everything feel fresh. Ahead, find cutesy, adorable, tiny, and large lodgings in a variety of locations worth driving to.

Storybook Castle BnB

Summary: "Sheldon Castle is a registered Baldwin County Historic home. It is a unique, artistic structure right in Fairhope but secluded on a side street. The Eastern Shore Art Center is down the drive and across the street. From there you are in wonderful downtown Fairhope. The studio suite is a completely private part of Sheldon Castle with the Sheldon descendants in the rest of the home."

Location: Fairhope, Alabama
Sleeps: 2
Price Per Night: $96

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Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Sleeps: 2
Price Per Night: $275

"Relax and relish in the tranquility of our retreat. The gorgeous grounds and trails allow for endless private hiking, meditation, and ultimate relaxation. Whether your goal is to catch your breath from the bustle of the city, surf and shop beautiful Malibu and Topanga, or simply pamper yourself, this is the perfect escape."

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Cabbagetown, Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, GA
Sleeps: 3
Price Per Night: $190

"Cozy and aesthetic. Have your own yard, your own home, amazing back deck, and privacy in Cabbagetown. Kick back on the private deck of this house while listening to the record player. This intimate home was built in the 1890s and combines original features, including the statement central fireplace, with eye-catching curated objects and neon signs."

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Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb.

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