Top 5 Asian Islands

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Top 5 Asian IslandsWitness the beauty of best Asian islands. Visit these with your partner, friends or family to have the best time.


Phuket is always filled with so many tourists. People consider it a very lovely and warm place to spend vocation on. It’s a good place for families and great mix of modern life and traditional amenities. It has the best beaches, indeed a must visit! 

Top 5 Asian Islands

Cebu and Visayan Islands:

These islands have everything including all the amazing restaurants and shopping places. You will find the friendliest people at these islands. The nightlife here is so amazing, though not as wide as Phuket but indeed a not to miss! Cebu is everyone’s no 1 choice when it comes to islands so visit it to witness its beauty yourself!

Top 5 Asian Islands


People find Lombok as a less commercial island than Bali with interesting sites and beaches like the volcano Mount Rinjani. The romantic and relaxing island has so many spots to visit with breathtaking views and gorgeous beaches.

Top 5 Asian Islands

Koh Samui:

The most beautiful island with wonderful restaurants and a fun nightlife! Koh Samui is such a happening place, there are so many activities one can do. It has the most exotic beaches  and plentiful natural foilage and beauty.

Top 5 Asian Islands


Bali, everyone’s choice! The best to visit with your loved ones. Bali is a very happening place which is always filled so many lovers and families. You will find the best food with amazing views in the restaurants. The night views from bali beach is something to definitely witness with your partner! 

Top 5 Asian Islands

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