The Amazing and Beautiful Pakistan

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Pakistan is definitely the land of the pure and the beautiful. Pakistan is a land with four seasons, diverse cultures, hospitable people and beautiful scenery. There are a variety of attractions for tourists which ranges fromancient civilization and hill stations.

Pakistan has some beautiful architecture, beautiful people, amazing food and stunning geographical wonders. Pakistan is rich in culture. Pakistan’s folk music is beautiful. The breath taking views in the north of Pakistan will definitely be delight to human eye.

Lahore – Heart of Pakistan:

The walled city, known for its beautiful Mughal architecture and cultural richness is the cultural heart of Pakistan. The old Lahore has the beautiful Badshahi mosque, the Lahore fort and the Gurdawara. The city was established in the second century, it has passed through the Hindu, Mughal and PersianAfghanSikh and British rule.

The city therefore, has a mix of architecture with the magnificent red brick buildings like post office, white-pillared government building and beautiful mosques. The walled city is a hub of shops and eateries, all crammed near the gates-which have been built long time ago.

The beauty of Lahore is its cultural values and lively nature of its people. Lahore is the second largest metropolitan city of Pakistan also known as the capital of Punjab. Lahore is one of the prosperous cities of Pakistan with amazing traditional architecture, developed infrastructure, and the variety and rich tasted food attracts tourists to Lahore. There is a famous pronoun, “A person who hasn’t seen Lahore isn’t born yet.” This signifies beautify of the city.

Heaven on Earth:

The north of Pakistan is definitely heaven on earth. Once you visit the north you will forget every other place in the world. The nature in the north of Pakistan leaves a human beings awe-struck.

Neelam Valley:

One of the best and the most beautiful place in Pakistan is the Neelam valley in Azad Kashmir region. The 144km bow-shapped valley in the north and north vest of the capital- Azad Kashmir has the excellent scenic beauty, towering hills on both sides of the Neelam River. The area is also known as the lesser Himalaya.

The greenery is worth appreciating because there are enchanting streams which attracts tourists. Some of the famous paces like Athmuqan, Kuttan Jagran, Karen, Neelum Ratti, Galli, Baboon, Noori Top, Sharda, Sharda frot, Shrda University- oldest university of sub-continent. These amazing place make Kashmir the heaven on earth.

Hunza Valley:

Another natural beauty can be spell bound for human eyes. Gilgit-Baltistan region, the princely state with the Hunza River, the valley has some amazing beautiful places to visit. Once you have been there you will know what the wonders of Mother Nature are.

Swat Valley:

The beautiful valley rises from the Hindu Kush range. It is said that this valley is the mini Switzerland of Pakistan with different lovely lakes, forests and sites.

Kalash Valley:

The valley has a historical background. There are many controversies about the valley, it is said that the valley is very old and had a Greek civilization. The people of this valley belong to a tribe with their own culture and religion. The valley has a touch of uniqueness due to the amazing cultural touch to it. People of Kalash valley are cheerful; they celebrate differentfestivals which are worth witnessing. The attractive valley is worth a visit.

Kaghan Valley:

Another valley at the heart of north-east of Mansehra Distirct known for the beautiful scenery because of the lower Himalayan mountain range is worth a visit. Saif-ul-Muluk Lake is so beautiful that there is a myth about the lake. They say that the fairies visit this lake on a full moon night.

These are just a few famous valleys there are a lot of other places in Pakistan some are now accessible and others still remain undiscovered. There is a need that Pakistan tourism pay attention to the areas worth advertising in Pakistan to improve economic conditions with the help of tourism.

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