Best 9 Places to Spend Christmas Holidays

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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“Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle all the way”, Yes! Its Christmas time all over the world and you might not want to spend Christmas at home. Christmas celebrations are brewing all around but if you happen to live in one of the best places to celebrate Christmas then you should consider yourself lucky.

Some of the places just welcome the winter season with all the more enthusiasm. The ambiance created by the people, food, culture and weather would leave people awe struck. The Christmas lights, the cold weather, Christmas feats and the Christmas holidays is all everyone wants to make the Christmas memorable. Some of the places simply welcome Christmas with traditional values which fill the hearts of the people spending Christmas there with warmth.

The eagerness of waiting for the summer season has been taken over by the Christmas celebration. It’s the time of the year when the world celebrates and exchange presents to show their love towards each other. Listing down some of the places which celebrate the occasion with music, lights and food will give you an idea as to where you should plan to go in the next vacations. The most amazing places for Christmas celebrations are;

Provence, France

France is undoubtedly the hub of love, the air in France casts a magic spell on all the people. The Cobblestoned Street celebrates Christmas with music from medieval churches which complement the lights across the street and creates an ambience of ultimate celebration. The Christmas Market on the Place Messena is where people congregate and enjoy the food and the environment.

Lapland, Finland

The Santa Claus Village and Santa park, Napapiiri in Lapland, Finland is known as the “Europe’s Christmas Capital”. It is located at the foot of the Arctic Circle. The place welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world to make theirChristmas memorable. There are two different Santa themed parks, which include real reindeer, a tour to Santa’s workshop and a meeting with the big man himself. The theme park doesn’t just attract kids but it attracts many adults as well. Christmas, Santa presents and beautiful place make the Christmas celebrations memorable.

Charleston, South Carolina

Christmas in that part of the world is al about food, streets decorated with lights and the appreciatable hospitality of the people. Charleston welcomes the season and the people with delicious oddities such as eggnog spiked with bourbon and shrim with grits. The warm feats keep the christmas celebrations filled with the warmth of food love.

Boston, Massachusetts

The city is the hub of American history; the city celebrates Christmas in traditional style with over 2800 working gas lamps. The wrap the trees in white lights and the amazingly decorated tree in front of Faneuil Hall is one of its kind.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague known for its incredible and intense architecture welcomes Christmas in a unique style. The gothic and Baroque architecture is set up with amazing Christmas decoration. The holiday markets in the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square will give you a holiday experience which you will never forget.

Santa Claus, Indiana

This city is named after Santa Claus and it surely lives up to the name it has been given specially in the Christmas holidays. The place amazes the people with Santa-Themed shops and Attractions which make everything all the more exciting for Christmas.

Cologne, Germany

The city that welcomes the visitors with eight Christmas markets surely does justice to the Christmas celebrations. TheChristmas markets are packed with gifts, foods and holiday items. Anyone visiting the city in Christmas will surely love it.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Christmas celebrated with a 100 foot tall decorated tree and about two dozen Christmas market Munich surely makes people fall in love with the city in this season.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The beautiful city with its 16th and 17th century houses adorning the streets. The lights, decorations and food make it beautiful and perfect for an amazing Christmas experience.

Christmas should be celebrated in style without a doubt. So choose your Christmas destination wisely. It might be a brilliant experience for you family just because of the place you choose to spend your vacation at.

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