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EXPECTATIONS How many times would you have read this ever-so-repeated statement that Bhatts and quality music go hand in hand? Coming up with a list of movies, both from the past and present, from the house of Bhatts that have more often than not made an impression with the music lovers would be akin to a 5 year old reciting English alphabet. So yes, the fact remains that even in case of Jashnn, Vishesh Films’ next release, expectations are quite high. Also, since the film is a musical and Raksha-Hasnain’s last outing The Train (that had Mithoon as a composer) boasted of good music, Jashnn comes with an ‘Of-course-you-can-expect-good-music’ tag!

MUSIC In the early years, the Bhatts made quite a few memorable movies with Nadeem Shravan. Then there was Anu Malik and in recent times it has been Pritam. Following the tradition of working with new blood, Bhatts have now roped in Sharib-Toshi, Nouman Javaid and Sandesh Shandilya to create six tracks for Jashnn, which is touted to be a true-blue musical entertainer. Kumaar, Nouman Javaid and Nilesh Mishra are the lyricists.
Sharib-Toshi kick start the album with a marvellous composition ‘Nazrein Karam’ that has HIT written all over it. With the reliable team of K K and Shreya Ghoshal coming behind the mike, ‘Nazrein Karam’ is a melodious romantic number with some fresh lyrics by Kumaar. Even though the initial arrangements in the song remind of Anand Raaj Anand ‘Pyaar Kiya To Nibhana’ (Major Saab), it is a mere coincidence that lasts for a mere 20 seconds. That’s because the moment K.K. holds centre-stage, you know that ‘Nazrein Karam’ is an absolute fresh composition that has a touch of oriental mystic to it. A ‘Kilogram Mix’ version of the song is heard later and as expected works quite well to ensure repeated listening. A winning start!  Sharib-Toshi, Kumaar and K.K. come together again for ‘Aaya Re’ that gives an impression of a rock concert in the first 15 seconds itself. Starting off a little slowly, it starts picking up pace and reaches its crescendo the moment song hits the one minute mark. A rock performance featuring Adhyayan Suman, this is a kind of song which is designed for a ‘star’ and the young actor should be feeling lucky that in his third movie itself, he has got a chance to sink his teeth into a chartbuster like this. Yet another number that is bound to be popular in first couple of listening itself, it is surprising that there is no ‘remix version’ to compliment the original. Nouman Javaid gets to play the triple role of singer, composer and lyricist with ‘Dard -E- Tanhai’. A soft rock number that belongs to the same genre as ‘Zindagi’ (The Train), though with an absolutely different tune, ‘Dard -E- Tanhai’ heralds the arrival of yet another talented artist in the form of Nouman. The young man gives it all in this soulful number which makes for a melodious and engaging hearing even though it comes with sad connotations.
Lyrics are quite simple but they do make an impact, especially due to the way Nouman sets the mood as per the situation and allows both the composer and singer in him equal prominence. The song later arrives in a minute long ‘unplugged version’ as well and as expected, doesn’t fail to make an impact. For the ‘Kilogram Mix’ of the same song, there is an oriental beginning which continues for a rather extended period (more than a minute) and gets the desired impact on. Also, the moment remixing comes into play; you know that Bhatts have got ‘Jashnn’ as yet another winner in their kitty!  A new team comes into picture with the arrival of composer Sandesh Shandilya, lyricist Nilesh Mishra and singers Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal. Titled ‘Tere Bin’, the song could well be termed as the ‘reprise’ version of Bhatts’ own ‘Jab Koyi Baat Bigad Jaaye’ (Jurm). Belonging to good old Bollywood school of melody, ‘Tere Bin’ gets a certain ‘thehrav’ in the album and ensures that more than just being gap filler, it actually ends up adding variety to the album. Also, on hearing the song carefully, one realizes that coming together of Shaan and Shreya reminds of many a chartbuster tracks that Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik had sung in their heydays! It’s the sound of guitar strings that open ‘Main Chala’. Almost an unplugged number with just guitar being Nouman Javaid’s companion (who returns in a triple role once again), ‘Main Chala’ is an extremely slow moving (yet interesting) number about the journey of a man who is all alone and has now taken it entirely upon himself to raise himself from the ashes. A situational number that could well lead to teary eyes if supported by hallmark Mahesh Bhatt brand of narrative. Last to come is the fun track about youngsters coming together to enjoy life and celebrate. Titled ‘Aish Karle’, the song marks the return of Sharib and Toshi who also come behind the mike for this Kumaar written track. A number which should have montages filling in the screen as it plays in the background, ‘Aish Karle’ is purely situational and though it doesn’t have that ‘memorable’ quality as evidenced in the entire album so far, it doesn’t quite harm the prospects of Jashnn. 

OVERALL Let’s give it to the Bhatts; in Jashnn, they are looking for yet another bonafide successful album. Due to a relatively new star cast the songs, may not see the kind of pick up at the music stands as seen in Emraan Hashmi movies but due to an intrinsic quality feel to it, there is no ways that Jashnn would go ignored. Each of the songs works in the album and there are quite a few that would be remembered for many more months to come, just the way numerous Bhatt scores have in the past. Pick this one up!
OUR PICK(S) Nazrein Karam, Aaya Re, Dard -E- Tanhai, Tere Bin, Main Chala 

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