Ek Aadat

EXPECTATIONS Now from where did this movie come from? With not a single recognizable face on the album cover, Ek Aadat surprisingly doesn’t find much help from Google too, where there is absolutely no information listed about the film except for the countless illegal music download links. Further extensive research results in a revelation – The film’s director Prakash Saini is the same man who made his directorial debut with Meri Padosan exactly two months back. What’s Meri Padosan? Well, forget that. And one has similar sentiments reserved for the music of Ek Aadat as well even before a single song is played.
MUSIC The film’s composer is Sanjay Pathak who earlier this year did come up with a few good songs in Lottery that literally went unnoticed. He kick-starts the album with title song ‘Ek Aadat’ which is first crooned by Mika Singh and later has Sunidhi Chauhan coming behind the mike. In both the versions, the two singers go solo though one wonders if even a single outing was necessary at all. Aimed at being a fun peppy number that acts as a theme track, ‘Ek Aadat’ is an ordinary number (written by Tofique Palvi) which would have been a complete letdown if not for it’s lively pace.
‘Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai’ is a seven minutes long song that follows next and the immediate reaction is to pick up the inlay card and read carefully about the singer details. Well, suicide is the right way to describe the situation here as composer Sanjay Pathak does a terrible job while coming behind the mike. He is completely out of tune and one wonders if he was thinking that when Himesh Reshammiya could do it by having an unconventional voice then he could do it too. It is impossible to hear this supposedly romantic number beyond first three minutes and it would be worth an achievement for anyone who could give this number a hearing till the very end. Well, Sanjay Pathak had other thoughts as he continues to torture his listeners though a ‘remix version’, which thankfully is shorter in length though. It’s a soothing beginning though for ‘Kyun Ho Gaya Deewana’ which confirms that Sanjay Pathak is a better composer and lyricist than a singer. Well, on a relative scale at least! Credit must also go to Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan who sing ‘Kyun Ho Gaya Deewana’ with good conviction even though the production values of the song leave a lot to be desired. A slow moving melodious track which stays on to be truly Indian, ‘Kyun Ho Gaya…. ‘ belongs to the 90s school of the music and doesn’t disappoint.  Richa Sharma appears solo for ‘Ab Tere Bin Hum Jee Lenge’ that has lyrics that may well have been written by a 10 year old. Sample this – ‘Ab Tere Bin Hum Jee Lenge, Zeher Judaai Ka Hum Pee Lenge, Mar Jaaye Bhi To Afsos Nahi, Afsos Nahi, Afsos Nahi’. Waah waah! The man in picture here? Sanjay Pathak, who takes it on himself to make Ek Aadat a complete farce. Yet another forgettable number which aims at being a sad and ‘dard-e-judaai’ number that may be rejected by even a TV soap! But the makers of the film do think otherwise and include even a ‘remix version’ of the song. And why not? After all Sanjay Pathak gets himself behind the mike for this version. Gosh! He comes back to haunt in ‘Mere Pyaar Se Gehra Samundar’ which is written by Razzo Hathrasi. This time around the proceedings are kick started by Kalpana and Sanjay only plays a supporting role. A raunchy item number that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, ‘Mere Pyaar… ‘ is not just loud but a complete out of tune number which is an absolute assault on ears. A bagpiper tune opens ‘Pyaar Kyun Kar Baithe’ which is forgettable in the first one minute itself, courtesy ordinary lyrics and poor arrangements. Kunal Ganjawaala and Gayatri come together for this romantic duet which just doesn’t have the kind of energy which one would have expected. Even though both the singers try to bring in that youthful touch to the proceedings, it doesn’t help ‘Pyaar Kyun.. .’
OVERALL Ek Aadat is a poor album. Period.

OUR PICK(S) ‘Kyun Ho Gaya Deewana

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