Music Review – Sarkar 3

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Music review – Sarkar 3


You do have a fair idea around what to expect from the music of Sarkar 3. It’s the sound of ‘Govinda Govinda’ that has played for years since the release of Sarkar and then Sarkar Raj carried that as well. Now that third in the series is being released, you expect the same energy from this Ravi Shankar composed soundtrack. Multiple lyricists collaborate to put together over half a dozen songs for Ram Gopal Varma.


It is trademark Ram Gopal Varma sound accompanied by some retro music of the 70s that you hear in ‘Gussa’ which has Sukhvinder Singh leading the show. Lyricist Rohit Teotia comes up with an angst laden number that indeed brings all the ‘gussa’ that the central protagonist played by Amitabh Bachchan could well be carrying in the film. It does make a good impact indeed and you wait to catch the visuals. The song that follows, ‘Angry Mix’, carries forward the same tune and this time around ups the ante when it comes to intensity and fire that could well be burning on screen. Mika leads the show this time with Sukhwinder.

The sound of ‘Sam Dham’ had played in the earlier installments of Sarkar and this time in Sarkar 3 too it finds a place for itself, albeit in a new avtar. Kailash Kher and Saket Bairoliya come together for this Rohit Teotia written version which also has the sound of ‘Govinda Govinda’ pitched in. That said, it is surprising to hear Kailash Kher not quite making the kind of impact that one would have expected him to.

The signature theme of Sarkar plays in three minute long ‘Sarkar Trance’ which also features some of the iconic dialogues mouthed by Big B. Of course once you hear ‘Mujhe Jo Sahi Lagta Hai Main Karta Hoon’, it is time for nostalgia all over again. The song truly turns out to be a trance version. With an out and out Western treatment and a retro theme attached to it, you do trip along well with this Niladri Kumar tune.

Guest composer Rohan Vinayak comes on board for Amitabh Bachchan sung ‘Ganpati Aarti’ and as expected, you like what you hear. The actor-singer brings in the right kind of variations into play right from the beginning, which is slow; to the time the ‘aarti’ reaches its crescendo and becomes all intense. Expect this song to be one of the highlight moments of the film once it plays on screen.

Sirasri writes ‘Thamba’ which is yet another ‘angry song’, this time with a bit of rock touch added to it. Yet again, the sound of ‘Govinda Govinda’ plays along even as singer Navraj Hans aims at bringing in his bit during this five minute long track. Situational to the core and expected to accentuate the pace and mood of the film, this one belongs to the kind that is mainly conceived for the narrative and that’s about it.

Last to arrive is ‘Shakti’ which is written by Mandar Cholkar. This one in fact begins with a chant of ‘Govinda Govinda’, albeit in a different style. Led from the front by Mika Singh with Adarsh Shinde and Saket Bairoliya as his accompanying partners, ‘Shakti’ is the kind that has a bit of filmy touch to it and brings on commercial mainstream ingredients into play. Yet another track that should play along well with the film.


The music of Sarkar 3 has a predictable feel to it and in a way it pans out well this way since Ram Gopal Varma sticks to the core of the soundtrack that had contributed well to the narrative of Sarkar and Sarkar Raj as well.


‘Angry Mix’, ‘Ganpati Aarti’, ‘Shakti’

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music review – sarkar 3


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