Shaabash! You Can Do It

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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EXPECTATIONS Film’s title – Shaabash! You Can Do It. Music: Santokh Singh Dhaliwal. Producer: Unknown. Director: Unknown. Actors: Unknown. Promotion: Zilch. Hype: Zero. Expectations: Rock bottom.
MUSIC Lyricist Kumaar writes the title track ‘You Can Do It Shaabash’ which is nothing better than an ad jingle. In fact from the very start till the finish, the track carries a jingle feel to it, whether in terms of theme, music or rendition by Soham Chakravorty. The pace too seems to have been designed for an advertisement world rather than a film and the result is that this title track hardly helps in gaining audience’s attention. Remember a lesser known track ‘Chand Se Parda Kijiye’ from Saif Ali Khan and Shilpa Shetty starrer Aao Pyaar Karen (1994)? The opening of this Aadesh Shrivastav composed song is presented as it is for ‘Ek Haqeeqat Tum Lagte Ho’. Surprisingly, Javed Ali is at his uninspired worst for this song and the normally reliable singer just doesn’t get the romantic mood on for this clichéd track written by Dev Narayan. In fast his rendition just doesn’t carry any spark whatsoever while presence of newcomer Lavanya doesn’t help the case either. All in all, another dull number in the album.  ‘Me Myself’ tries to get the required attitude belonging to the youth but doesn’t reach anywhere close. Kunal Ganjawala tries to get into the boots of a rock star but nothing really works for this Kumaar written Hinglish track which one best skips mid-way itself. Lyricist Dev Narayan returns with ‘Lagta Nahi Dil’ which tries to merge conventional Bollywood melody (belonging to the ‘Lal Dupatta Malmal Ka’ mode) along with Sufi. Though it is slightly better than what one has heard in the album so far, the old fashioned composition coupled with some screechy rendition by Soham Chakravorty doesn’t take it anywhere. In comparison, it makes for a better listening when Santokh Singh Dhaliwal himself comes behind the mike. One hopes it is his version that is retained in the final copy of the film. One ends up giving a big yawn while coming across a song that has a title like ‘Kiss Me One More Time’. As expected, just like the title song, this one too is a jingle track with a ‘Beat 1 Beat 2’ approach. Rahul Seth’s lyrics seem to have been written in a college canteen over a round of ‘samosas’ while the song appears to have been composed in a jiffy as well. One wonders for how long Sunidhi Chauhan would continue to believe in volumes when she is in such a comfortable position to pick and choose.  Finally this listless album comes to an end with ‘Main Hi Main Hoon’. Without worrying much about the final outcome of this yet another track around ‘I Me Myself’, one is actually relieved that there won’t be any more songs to follow. This Kumaar written song has Rahul Seth, Krishna and Nakash Aziz coming together. The song sees a mix of urban dance steps coming together with devotional theme interspersed with a ‘qawalli’ portion. What surprises though is an ‘extended version’ of the same song appearing at the end of the album which has an additional 4 minutes of ‘shloka’ rendition. Core situational.
OVERALL Shaabash! You Can Do It does see a spark or two at some points in the album but overall doesn’t carry anything in it that could entice a music lover to pick it up from the stands.
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