Music Review: Diary of a Butterfly

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Oops, now where did this one come from? For a movie that was anyways hardly in news, it is now seeing a sudden arrival this weekend. Not just that as its album has also hit the stands just days before the film’s release. With no expectations whatsoever, one plays on this soundtrack which has songs composed Taz Stereo Nation, Shibani Kashyap and Mukhtar Sahota.


The album begins with a dance number ‘We Don’t Need Boys‘ which is basically a Western take on ‘let’s party and make merry without any boys’. No wonder the lyrics go something like ‘To hell with boys’. Nevertheless, after one comes out of preconceived notions and entirely dismisses the song in just one listening, it turns out that the song is actually not all that bad. Written by Arko and composed by Taz Stereo Nation, this one does manage to hold your interest for a little while at the least. Also, credit for that must go to Akriti Kakkar, Vasuda Sharma and Apeksha Dandekar who manage to bring in some spunk.

Taz Stereo Nation brings himself behind the mike along with Vasuda Sharma for a song that is straight out of the Pritam/Vishal-Shekhar territory with ‘Hor Pilade‘. In fact its beginning is straight out of ‘Dus Bahane‘ [Dus] though it does get on its own soon after. A dance number with a Bhangra-pop flavour to it, this one may just have managed to find some standing at the least had it made a much more credible arrival. Even though Arko’s lyrics aren’t anything exceptional to talk home about, it still goes well with the genre of this song that could find way into a DJ’s collection.

Shibani Kashyap, who is a team with Virag Mishra for quite some time now, is the composer/singer for ‘Hungama Ho Gaya‘. An ordinary sounding number that sounds like the kind which would have been composed at least a decade ago, it has average lyrics, regular rendition and some very passable tune that just doesn’t manage to hold your attention despite trying to create some ‘hungama’.

Finally arrives ‘Jugni‘, a song that seems to have caught attention of at least three different films in last one year. First it was Tanu Weds Manu, then there was Saheb Biwi aur Gangster and now it’s Diary of a Butterfly that has presented its own version of ‘Jugni‘. Of course this Mukhtar Sahota composed song as well it’s remix are good to hear but then frankly, there has been an overkill of ‘Jugni‘ and the novelty factor has definitely gone down even though singer Arif Lohar tries to bring his own touch.


Diary of a Butterfly doesn’t have much that would attract a listener towards it. However it doesn’t entirely push you away either, what with songs like ‘We Don’t Need Boys‘ and ‘Hor Pilade‘ suited well for the party mood with ‘Jugni‘ rounding it up well too. However zero promotion means the album would disappear without leaving any mark whatsoever.


Hor Pilade, We Don’t Need Boys

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