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One expects some lilting melodies in the soundtrack of 1920 – Evil Returns. Even though the film's prequel, 1920, didn't really have much to cheer about other than 'Vaada Tumse Hain Vaada', the track record of Vikram Bhatt's films has been super-strong when it comes to the music. Yes, 1920 – Evil Returns is directed by debutant Bhushan Patel but with Vikram as the producer, you expect his stamp in the musical journey that this horror thriller takes. With Chirantan Bhatt as the composer (whose songs from Haunted indeed haunt till date), one indeed looks forward to what the team has to offer.


As expected, 1920 – Evil Returns embarks on a fantastic start with 'Apnaa Mujhe Tu Lagaa', a love song that has Sonu Nigam at his best. Deservingly, he also features in the music video of the song which is not just highly melodious but also immensely catchy. The song manages to hook you on in the very beginning while its smooth flow only makes you play it on for that pleasant evening with the loved one. At times songs like these work well mainly at the 'mukhda' but the good part of this well written number by Shakeel Azmi is that it turns out to be even better during the 'antara' portions. An excellent number.

'Uska Hi Banana' makes it two in a row as this pathos dipped number has a story to tell as well, what with Junaid Wasi getting it perfectly right with his words. A song about cry to the God where the protagonist wants to be not just on his beloved's side but also take away all her sorrows, this one reminds one of the kind of setting that Haunted too had enjoyed. Add to that the soul stirring vocals of Arijit Singh ('Phir Le Aaya Dil', 'Saawali Si Raat' from Barfi!) and you know that this one has in it to enjoy a good outing not just in the film's narrative but way beyond in the collection of those who like their music to seep in.

A hat-trick of quintessential Bhatt music is scored with 'Jaavedaan Hai' which could have just fitted into a Bhatt-Hashmi-Pritam territory and grabbed with both hands! Add to that the vocals of K.K. and you pretty much know the kind of space that this love song is enjoying. While the start is fantastic, the song reaches its crescendo by the time title 'Jaavedaan Hai' comes to the fore. Though Suzanne Dmello is heard primarily in the background, she makes her presence felt in this Shakeel Azmi written track which doesn't just justify its presence in the film's context but also has in it to enjoy a long run.

By the time Mahalakshmi Iyer's vocals are heard in Shakeel Azmi written 'Khud Ko Tere', you know that Vikram Bhatt indeed had a hand to play in ensuring that his director Bhushan Patel gets some quality soundtrack from Chirantan Bhatt and his team of lyricists. Though this one isn't the kind that promises a chartbuster in the making, it fits in well into the template of this soundtrack while carrying an out and out Indian feel to it. Also, for those missing Nadeem-Sharavan compositions, this one does come close.

The album concludes with yet another pathos soaked number, 'Majboor Tu Bhi Kahin'. While the start of this Manoj Yadav written number is intriguing enough, rest assured the chorus accompanied by some haunting musical arrangements would make an appearance at various junctures in the film. New entrant Amit Mishra has the kind of unique vocals that are generally experimented by Pritam and it is good to see Chirantan Bhatt trying out some untried singers in the album. The final composition turns out to be a good situational number that gives 1920 – Evil Returns a fitting conclusion.


1920 – Evil Returns delivers more than expectations and while 'Apnaa Mujhe Tu Lagaa' is a chartbuster in the making, 'Jaavedaan Hai' and 'Uska Hi Banana' have it in them to enjoy a long haul as well, just as has been the case with the music of Haunted which is still in circulation. The music also turns out to be much better than 1920 and with three more weeks to go for the film's release, it has ample time to register it's presence with some aggressive promotion.


Apnaa Mujhe Tu Lagaa, Jaavedaan Hai, Uska Hi Banana

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  1. Why does always say the producer or director is responsible for getting out good music out of the music director? Give some credit to the music director. This Chirantan Bhatt has given us 3 melodious soundtracks in a row. Of course, he’s talented. And Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz 3 had NO good music. So where dcomment_ID his magic go??

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