Jai Veeru

EXPECTATIONS: In their own little way, Bajaj brothers (Shyam and Narendra) have more often than not ensured that music of their films does make an impact amongst the audience. In recent times, music of The Train and Aksar has worked while earlier on films like Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye and Bandhan too boasted of good and popular music. Now year and a half after the release of their last film Aggar, the makers return with Jai Veeru that sees Bappa Lahiri making his debut as the solo composer for a film with Sameer as the lyricist. With expectations of a just-about-decent score, one, checks out the album which eventually does manage to bring to fore at least a couple of number that leave an impression. Write your own music review of Jai Veeru.
MUSIC: If it wasn’t for the name Bappa Lahiri on the credits, one would have imagined the opening number ‘Sufi’ to have been composed by Mithoon or a musician from Pakistan. The number sees an eclectic mix of Oriental and Sufi flavor, something that hasn’t been explored much. With a touch of rock thrown in, ‘Sufi’ turns out to be a fusion number that deserves to become popular in days to come. No wonder there is a full on ‘rock version’ as well.

Fun doesn’t end here as ‘Tennu Le’ brings with an altogether different flavor to it. A hip-hop track, it has a true blue club track that makes one start looking at Jai Veeru in different light altogether. Though one wasn’t too sure about the prospects of the album while laying hands on it, first ‘Sufi’ and then ‘Tennu Le’ (which further appears in an even better and riotous ‘remix version’) manage to make one curious about what next would follow. ‘Dhun Lagi’ is meant to be a full-on ‘dhamaal’ entertaining track but only turns out to be a ‘heard-before’ number eventually. Till about a couple of years back, such a number may have made a better impact (perhaps with an Emraan Hashmi in fray) but today, it is relegated to being ordinary in spite of a ‘remix version’ and an ‘Electro Mix version’ being added to the album. Jai Veeru comes back on track with ‘Aisa Lashkara’ that is foot tapping from the word GO! It is the orchestra and the music arrangements along with the naughty beats that ensure that ‘Aisa Lashkara’ looks good on screen if choreographed well. A night club number that gives a DJ all the choices in the world to play around, ‘Aisa Lashkara’ may not really be a number to hum around due to it’s club-centric rhythm; however it ensures that Jai Veeru keeps it’s head high. However, the finale is not the kind that one would have been longing for. ‘Agre Ka Ghagra’ follows the ‘Kajrare’ mode and the ‘antara’ portion is totally composed in a manner similar to that of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Still, the end result is hardly worthy enough to be talked home about since ‘Agre Ka Ghagra’ seems to be a number entirely centered on the gentry with not much in it that could impress on audio.
LYRICS: ‘Sufi Tere Pyaar Mein Ban Hi Gaya’ – Now these are some truly original words written by Sameer. Though the remainder of the number belongs to the routine Ishq Vish Pyaar Vyaar mode, it’s these punch words that do register an impact. ‘Dhun Lagi’ is ordinary though and one is tempted to remember ‘Laagi Laagi Laagi Prem Dhun Laagi’ [Aksar] that has made a much bigger impact a few years ago. Sameer is fun though in ‘Aisa Lashkara’ and delivers something that goes with the mood of today’s music. However, ‘Agre Ka Ghagra’ has a raunchy feel to it and except for filling in as an item number; it doesn’t give listener much to hum around.
VOCALS: Saim makes an impression in his very first outing ‘Sufi’ which could well be one of the best romantic number that Fardeen Khan and Dia Mirza have been a part of. His voice has a touch of Adnan Sami to it and along with Tulsi Kumar, he ensures that the duet makes a mark in the very first listening. Later, he also gets a solo all for himself and does entertain second time round as well. Omer Inayat is the guest lyricist and singer for ‘Tennu Le’ which turns out to be quite entertaining in its own way. He sings the track in a manner similar to that of Taz’s ‘Thoda Daaru Vich Pyaar’ [Tum Bin] and brings on a contemporary urban feel to it. Mika Singh and Raja Hasan come together for ‘Dhun Lagi’ which perhaps could be ‘boys have all the fun’ kinda number! Both the singers seem to be going through the motions in spite of a racy outing offering them ample scope to leave a better impression. Hard Kaur and Reema Lahiri form a much better pairing though for ‘Aisa Lashkara’ which this time turns out to be ‘girls having all the fun’ number. Mouli Dave, Javed Ali and Raja Hasan come together for ‘Agre Ka Ghagra’ and though they try to recreate the ‘Kajrare’ magic, the end result isn’t quite achieved.

OVERALL: There wasn’t much that one was looking from the music of Jai Veeru with a relatively new composer at the helm. However, it turns out to be a much more than just a decent album with at least two numbers – ‘Sufi’ and ‘Tennu Le’ – that can go all the distance. Other than these two numbers, ‘Aisa Lashkara’ too should go down well with the disc and pub crowd. Play these songs on while having a party at home.

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