Phas Gaye Re Obama

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

EXPECTATIONS One expects Phas Gaye Re Obama to be a songless film. Hence, the very fact that its soundtrack has arrived on the stands is surprising. On checking credits, it turns out that there are just two unique songs along with a few remixes and theme instrumentals. Expectedly, there isn’t much to look forward to except to here from this album that has music by new entrant Manish J Tipu.

MUSIC Shelee writes ‘Sara Pyaar Hai Bekaar’, a short track that has a duration of less than three minutes and has an out and out rustic setting. With a Punjabi touch to it, this Kailash Kher sung reminds one of ‘Chak De Phatte’ [Khosla Ka Ghosla] and the title track of Love Sex aur Dhokha though the overall impact isn’t on the same lines despite a couple of ‘remix versions’ (one also featuring Richa Sharma) coming in later. A song about money holding prominence over everything else, ‘Sara Pyaar Hai Bekaar’ also features Neha Dhupia rapping away with a couple of lines. ‘Amrikwa Ne Loot Liya’ has a funny band introduction at the beginning where a male voice introduces its various members in a rustic manner. What follows from there on is a satire on America where the country is held responsible for all the good and the bad happening in the lives of an average man. Sung by Manish J Tipu, ‘Amrikwa Ne Loot Liya’ takes a funny route and one can expect a music video around it. However, lack of any promotion till date means that the song would largely go unnoticed. What follows next are five theme instrumental pieces, all lasting between 60 to 90 seconds. Mainly composed for filling in the background score of the film, these theme tracks seem to have been included in the album for the sake of making it appear as a heavy album since otherwise there are just two unique tracks. While ‘Returning Home’ has a happy feel to it, ‘Welcome to the Gang’ has a racy feel to it with a bit of haunting touch. ‘Yes We Can’ starts off on a very feeble note and is almost inaudible for the first 30 seconds. It starts picking up pace thereafter and turns out to be an interesting piece with a grand feel to it. ‘American Meltdown’, as the title itself suggests, begins on a sad note and stays like that for its 90 seconds duration. On the other hand, ‘Run for Ransom’ has a frantic setting, something which goes with the situation that it has been created.

OVERALL Phas Gaye Re Obama has a couple of tracks which may have made some impression had they been aggressively promoted through music videos. However, limited promotion coupled with the fact that the songs by themselves aren’t spectacular means that the album will go largely unnoticed.

OUR PICK(S) Sara Pyaar Hai Bekaar

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