Bob Dylan Live 1966 Does Not Contain All Dylan’s 1966 Concerts

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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sbob dylan live 1966 does not contain all dylan’s 1966 concerts

Bob Dylan on Liverpool Street 1966 – photo by Barry Feinstein

By Stephen Pate – Your humble – ahem – scribe stands corrected. The 1966 Live Recordings Box Set does not  “every concert Bob Dylan played in North America, Europe and Australia on World Tour 1966.”

I make mistakes every day.  My statement in the story Another Price Drop On Dylan Live 1966 Has The Audience Had Enough? is grossly and humorously wrong.

As Dylan scholar and author Stephan Pickering said in the comments section to that story, Dylan did 48 concerts and the Box Set only has 24 recordings.

You write: The 36-CD box set has every concert Bob Dylan played in North America, Europe and Australia on World Tour 1966′. No, it does not. It has all known recordings of the 1966 tour, the audience tapes being incomplete. There are numerous concerts for which no soundboard or audience recordings are known. From 4 February 1966 to 27 May, he did 48 concerts.

Sony/Columbia did not bill it that way either,

Bob Dylan: The 1966 Live Recordings–a highly-collectible 36CD box set containing every known recording from the artist’s groundbreaking 1966 concert tours of the US, UK, Europe and Australia Sony

I checked Wikipedia and said there were 46 concerts. Sony adds another in Melbourne for 47. I Tweeted Stephan Pickering to cross check the 48. He didn’t reply yet.

Does it matter? Probably not since 24 concerts out of 47 is probably more than most of us will listen to.  It’s obvious that even 24 recorded concerts are not complete since some cover 2 CD’s and some don’t.

Here’s the list of concerts and the one’s with recordings in the box set, to the best of my knowledge. As you can see, 18 of the 21 North American/Hawaii concerts are not included.  3 of 8 Australian concerts are in the box set and almost all the European concerts were recorded.

Date City  
Feb/04/66 Louisville  
Feb/05/66 White Plains Disc 32
Feb/06/66 Pittsburgh Disc 33
Feb/10/66 Memphis  
Feb/11/66 Richmond  
Feb/12/66 Norfolk  
Feb/19/66 Ottawa  
Feb/20/66 Montreal  
Feb/24/66 Philadelphia  
Feb/26/66 Hempstead Disc 34
Mar/03/66 Miami Beach  
Mar/05/66 Jacksonville  
Mar/11/66 St. Louis  
Mar/12/66 Lincoln  
Mar/13/66 Denver  
Mar/19/66 Los Angeles  
Mar/23/66 Portland  
Mar/25/66 Seattle  
Mar/26/66 Vancouver  
Apr/09/66 Honolulu  
Apr/13/66 Sydney Disc 1 & 2
Apr/15/66 Brisbane  
Apr/16/66 Sydney  
Apr/16/66 Sydney  
Apr/19/66 Melbourne (note below) Disk 35
Apr/20/66 Melbourne Disc 3
Apr/22/66 Adelaide  
Apr/23/66 Perth  
Apr/29/66 Stockholm Disc 36
May/01/66 Copenhagen Disc 4
May/05/66 Dublin Disc 5 & 6
May/06/66 Belfast Disc 7 & 8
May/10/66 Bristol Disc 9 & 10
May/11/66 Cardiff Disc 11
May/12/66 Birmingham Disc 12 & 13
May/14/66 Liverpool Disc 14
May/15/66 Leicester Disc 15 & 16
May/16/66 Sheffield Disc 17 & 18
May/17/66 Manchester Disc 19 & 20
May/19/66 Glasgow  
May/19/66 Glasgow Disc 21
May/20/66 Edinburgh Disc 22 & 23
May/21/66 Newcastle Disc 24 & 25
May/24/66 Paris Disc 26 & 27
May/26/66 London Disc 28 & 29
May/27/66 Disk 39 & 31

The April 19th Melbourne concert on disk 25  is not listed in Wikipedia so I don’t know if this is correct or not.

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