Is the CMA jealous of Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift, the most popular Country artist of 2011, was not asked to perform at the CMA Awards and was dissed all night long

Taylor Swift wins CMA Entertainer of the Year

It certainly seems from Sunday night’s CMA Award extravaganza that the Country Music Association is sick of Taylor Swift. Of the five finalists for Country Music Entertainer of the Year, only Taylor Swift didn’t perform.
Co-host Blake Shelton lobbed one bad joke after another at Swift’s expense until he became a rather large boor. All she could do was smile weakly at Shelton’s oafish behavior.   
The otherwise formulaic and boring CMA Awards could have been brightened by a performance from Taylor Swift.
She did wonders for the Grammy Awards in February.

Her award wasn’t presented by a Country musician of some caliber. It was left to aging pop singer Lionel Richie. OK, he’s cool but not a country star.
If the Country Music Entertainer of the Year Award wasn’t based on fan votes, it’s doubtful Taylor Swift would have won anything.
I’m a lifelong country fan but that show was dreadful, proving again that artists who play to the formula don’t make great music. The acts were predictably corn-pone with the perfect country hick-accents. They say country songs are about losing your dog  and loving America. They are also apparently about drinking, and drinking, and more drinking.
I was amazed at the boring Blake Shelton performance of “Drink on It.”  For the past two months we’ve been watching the finals of “The Voice” where Shelton is one of the 4 judges. He is pretty arrogant when he tells the contestants how to be successful singers.
I was underwhelmed by both Blake Shelton’s trite material in the song and his lackluster performance. He seems like a third rate artist but he won awards.
He was no worse than any of the other artists but Shelton stands out for his constant “jokes” directed at Taylor Swift. I’m a little late to the Taylor Swift fan club but she is talented, cute and seems genuinely in love with her audience and their appreciation.
Blake Shelton and his wife Miranda Lambert at the CMA - all mouth but no manners (photo credit Hollywood Reporter)

All night, even after Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the Year, Shelton showed poor taste at best in his remarks and bad manners at worst.
He wasn’t even funny. If you’re going to “roast” someone, there has to be humor.
What I saw was jealousy. Shelton was obviously jealous.
Taylor Swift made $30 million plus from touring and music sales last year. Let’s see – Kenny Chesney did $6.5 million from touring and Blake Shelton – why he made the stunning amount of $280,000 from touring. Add to that the $1 million he got for The Voice, and you have someone with latent jealousy seeping from every pore.
Seems like old Blake should shut his mouth and ask Taylor Swift for a few lessons in how to make fans happy. Then he’d have some money in his bank account along with the plastic statuettes on the mantel.
If Blake Shelton mattered a little more, he might be the subject of Taylor Swift’s new song “Mean Part 2″.
By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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  1. even i couldn’t believe that out of all the nominees for ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR…the winner dcomment_IDn’t perform..!

    It’s no doubt that amoung all those country stars only Taylor Swift is the one people actually admire..I myself saw the CMA’s for her performance but got really disappointed to not witness that and at Blake Shelton’s mocking Taylor Swift !

  2. why would taylor swift perform? They usually try to let people with new music have time to perform their songs and taylor is in between albums right now. lets face it….if the entertainer of the year award wasn’t fan voted she wouldn’t have won. There are plenty of other deserving artists in the entertainer category, but they get overlooked because taylor has the younger audience who are more likely to get online and vote. I wish they’d go back to letting the industry deccomment_IDe who should win. If she deserves it…fine…but if she doesn’t someone else should at least get a chance

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