No 1 Ticket To Ride by The Beatles

Great rock song from ‘Help’ topped Billboard Charts for a week May 22 to 28, 1965

“Ticket To Ride” was recorded in February 1965 and released on April 9, 1965 (19th in the UK) and started a quick climb to the top making #1 on May 22nd.

The song held the top spot for a week. Of course it was #1 in Canada and the UK.

The B-side was “Yes It Is”, a sweet harmony ballad that we loved to snuggle to in the school gym.

‘Ticket to Ride’ is from The Beatles slap-stick comedy movie ‘Help’, directed by the brilliant British director Richard Lester.

For a real laugh, watch Lester’s send-up of the 60s lifestyle “The Knack… And How to Get It


‘Ticket to Ride’ – one of the great rock and roll songs of all time.

It rates #384 on the Rolling Stone Magazine list of top 500 rock songs.

Rock on!

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If you don’t already own the song, it’s available on the Help soundtrack, Anthology, Beatles 1 (the # 1 hits) and The Beatles Box Set.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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