Steve Winwood and Carlos Santana sock it to Toronto!

On July 11, 2010 at the Molson amphitheatre in Toronto, fans were treated to a mind blowing double bill experience as master musicians Steve Winwood and Carlos Santana gave Toronto a lot of good lovin’ and plenty of jingo.
The evening started off with a one hour show by Steve playing some of his favourite songs getting the crowd into the mood. He ended his set with “Higher Love”, then “Dear Mr. Fantasy” and culminating in a high energy rendition of “Gimme some lovin’ “from his early days with the Spenser Davis group.
Then came on living granddaddy legend Carlos Santana opening up with “Maria , Maria” and about 20-25 minutes into the show, his drummer and bass guitarist slammed into a mind-blasting duet that sent the audience into ecstasy with the bassist streaming out after about 5 minutes, leaving the drummer to continue his pounding solo! This was as tremendous as it gets!

Carlos, el hombre de la guitarra, came back on, sporting his Woodstock t-shirt, and wowed everybody with some real kick ass fingerwork on his guitar. He played many of his well known songs riding right through ‘Black Magic Woman’, ‘Jingo’, ‘Oye Como Va’, ‘Vamonos Guajira’, ‘Evil Ways’ plus many more and sending the crowd even higher with his own heart and soul rendition of Cream’s classic ‘Sunshine of Your Love’. During the show he even introduced the crowd to his future wife to whom he had proposed to just the day before. In the backdrop, on the screen, one could catch images from his early days at Woodstock, on through his collaboration with the Mahavishnu Orchestra (John Mclaughlin, who was part of Shakti with Zakir Hussain) and onto the present. He also requested the crowd to ask President Obama to end the war in Afghanistan and to legalize marijuana for the better good of everyone (he stressed it was not for him, as he had been high since Woodstock!), prompting hoots of approval from the crowd.

Yes sir, on that fateful evening, the totally engrossed audience was sent to nirvana!

Check out some great videos from the show:

Santana- Black Magic Woman, Toronto live!-11

Santana-live Toronto, Jul 11, 2010-11

Santana in Toronto -live.July 11, 2010-11


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