Shania Twain Ready for People With Disabilities on PEI

The international music star is playing PEI on August 30th is making special accommodation for people with disabilities

By Stephen Pate – The promoters and organizers of the Shania Twain concert Saturday night have gone the extra mile to make the Shania Twain concert accessible for fans who live with a disability.

28,000 people are expected to attend the Labour Day weekend concert with about 1,000 parking spots near the Charlottetown’s new Event Grounds on Grafton and Water Streets.

Shania Twain’s appearance on PEI is the last time she will perform outside of Las Vegas in 2014.

Accessible features

This is relatively new for PEI having first-class accommodations for people with disabilities. A debt of thanks is owed to the promoters AEG Live, Donald K. Donald, and PEI 2014 who planned these features.

There are two parking areas for people with disabilities, the CADC lot north of Grafton Street and the Friendly Pharmacy parking lot on Water Street.

People with disabilities are given special tickets that entitle them and a guest to elevated seating near the stage for an awesome view.

Shania Twain concert site map (click link for larger image)

CADC North Lot Accessible Parking

The event crew will be using the South Lot for equipment so the City of Charlottetown and CADC have agreed to make 11 accessible parking spaces available in the CADC North Lot, according to an email from City Councillor Rob Lantz –

Shania Twain concert CADC North Parking Lot

“CADC needs to provide 1 additional barrier free space and need to ensure that the 11 barrier free spaces are available somewhere on the site during their major events such as a concert. Special event sites like this are by their nature flexible with regard to how they are set up for different events. I have contacted Ernie and he indicates that they will provide the required 11 spaces for major events in future.”

You need a legal disabled parking tag to use those 11 spots.

Friendly Pharmacy Accessible Parking

Shania Twain Charlottetown parking pass

Additional parking with shuttle bus service will be available at the Water Street parking of the Friendly Pharmacy.

Pat and The Elephant wheelchair vans will take people back and forth from the parking area to the Water Street entrance of the Charlottetown Event Grounds.

To use the Friendly Pharmacy parking you need the special parking tag that is available from the Eastlink Centre if you have tickets for the accessible seating area.

The accessible parking tags are professional and make a nice concert souvenir.

An elevated seating area for people in wheelchairs and one companion has been built near the Water Street Entrance.

You can also book Pat and The Elephant to pick you up and avoid the parking issue.

Whatever way you plan to attend, be ready for delays, be patient and follow the instructions of security staff. And enjoy the show.

For all the FAQ’s about the concert click this link.

For tickets call 902 629-6625

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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