Top Pix Foo Fighters Sonic Highway

Sonic Highway is my top rock album and a must play every day

By Stephen Pate – Despite all the music I preview and review, Sonic Highways

stayed the CD I spin first every day.

“Sonic Highways” is music that begs to be played at full volume. The band has so much energy and the songs get inside your head.

The second song on the CD, after “Something From Nothing“, is “The Feast and The Famine“. It was recorded in Arlington, Virginia with plenty of help from the Washington DC punk scene. Pete Stahl and Skeeter Thompson of the punk band Scream help on the vocals.

You can really appreciate drummer Taylor Hawkins rolling thunder behind everything that’s going on with the lead and excellent rhythm section and gang vocals on the cut.

Here’s the first live performance at The Black Cat club.  There is so much positive energy – it gets me going.

“In The Clear” was recorded in New Orleans with the Preservation Jazz Band and takes a less intense tone, still building Foo Fighters with strong guitar riffs and horns.

You might call “In The Clear” lyrical for the Foo Fighters.

Great album. Available everywhere like iTunes,
and in Canada.


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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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