Gibson Bob Dylan SJ-200 Player’s Edition Review Cool Times 10

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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Acoustic Letter’s Tony Polecastro – Gibson Bob Dylan SJ-200 is cool times 10 watch his review

By Stephen Pate – I feel guilty saying “by Stephen Pate” when Tony Polecastro of the Acoustic Letter is doing all the talking. Wow does Tony get wound up on the Gibson Bob Dylan SJ-200 Player’s Edition.

Tony reviews a lot of guitar and every once in a while a guitar pushes his button.

“Hey there, Tony Polecastro here from The Acoustic Letter. Today, we have the first look at the Bob Dylan J-200 player’s edition. I must say I’m excited about this guitar.

Gibson doesn’t really do a ton of artist runs. They picked a big artist to do an artist run on, Bob Dylan.

This is just a cool artist’s edition. Bob Dylan is cool, the J-200 is cool, and together it means they’re cool times 2. I’m going to actually give it a cool times 10 because this is just a cool guitar.

We have the player’s edition Bob Dylan J-200. Based on Bob’s guitar, we have Adirondack spruce top, prepared with a rosewood mustache bridge, which is inlayed in mother of pearl, bone saddle, double pick guard that’s engraved with the classic poinsettia pattern, that’s also inlayed with mother pearl dots.

Rosewood fingerboard with a bella voce inlay, which is this really cool … I was going to call it something else, but I figured I’d look up the right name. It’s this, I picture it as a flower. Then it’s deconstructing all the way down the neck. You can have the deconstructed flower mother of pearl inlay, or the bella voce inlay. Either way, it’s gorgeous.

That’s again, on a rosewood fingerboard, bound in  crème binding, a 1 & 11/16 bone nut, classic Gibson-style headstock that’s also bound in a crème binding, Gibson inlayed in mother of pearl, and the classic Bob Dylan eye logo screened right on the top, classic green button Kluston and close-back tuners, a maple neck.

On the back of this puppy, we have beautiful flame maple. This guitar comes equipped with the LR Bags Anthem system.”

The Gibson Bob Dylan SJ-200 Player’s Edition Acoustic-Electric Vintage Sunburst is available from and other retailers in the United States. The price is $4,999 identical at all dealers since they are discounting off list.

In Canada the Gibson Limited Edition SJ-200 Bob Dylan Player’s Edition is available from LA Music.

LA Music is selling In Canada – Gibson Limited Edition SJ-200 Bob Dylan Player’s Edition for $5,499 and you can get it for 24 equal monthly payments and no interest, on approved credit, until December 31, 2015. The terms apply to any purchase this Christmas. Ask for Rob and tell him NJN sent you. :)

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5 / 5 stars

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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