Bob Dylan’s The Lyrics Since 1962 Still In Short Supply

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The Lyrics: Since 1962
The new supply of the massive book of Bob Dylan lyrics is still hard to find

By Stephen Pate – Rock Art Books is reporting the The Lyrics: Since 1962 is still hard to find.

Short Supply

“At the time of writing, Bob Dylan The Lyrics Since 1962 is in very short supply – hardly surprising for a limited edition of only 3,000,” said Gerald Smith of Rock Art Books .

“ were advertising copies a few hours ago, at $179.40, heavily discounted from the newly raised price of $300. If it’s still for sale when you check, I’d suggest you order immediately.”

“No such luck from other possible suppliers – publishers Simon & Schuster, Amazon UK and Deutschland and Isis magazine were all out of stock of the new Bob Dylan lyrics book when I checked late on Thursday night (18 December).”

“If you’ve missed this highly prized special edition of Bob Dylan The Lyrics Since 1962, all is not lost – you’ll be able to buy the mass market edition, scheduled for 3 November 2015, though I’d wager that publication date will be brought forward.”

Rock Art Books Quick Review

“The new Bob Dylan lyrics book – Bob Dylan The Lyrics Since 1962 – is deeply impressive. It’s a real heavyweight, physically as well as metaphorically. Its sheer bulk took me by surprise when I received my copy two days ago.

The rich binding, the quality of the paper and the precision printing make Bob Dylan The Lyrics Since 1962 a fitting artefact to showcase some of the finest writing in the English language from the last hundred years.

The inclusion of album cover artwork, variant lyrics from live performance, and detailed annotations by Christopher Ricks enhance a product that would be a triumph even without them.”

Christopher Ricks, the former editor of The Oxford Book of English Verse, is the authoritative author of Dylan’s Visions of Sin, a must read for serious Dylan scholars and fans.

Personally it’s a massive book but the book delivers what it promises in a beautiful way – all the Bob Dylan lyrics along with variations.

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5 / 5 stars

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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