Britney Spears is back with Hold It Against Me

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Britney Spears is back with Hold It Against MeThe new single has hit the web and where is this going to lead our favourite bubblegum artist? Take a catchy sing-song chorus mixed with the electro-house craze making its way into the top 40 and you’ve pretty much summed up this latest offering from Ms. Spears. According to reports, the official release date was January 11 but as some sort of gift for the fans, copies of the song were leaked a day early streaming from Ryan Seacrest’s web site.
The Wikipedia article on Spears talks about the up-coming seventh album from the pop diva scheduled for release in March 2011. Obviously this first single will be looking to generate some early buzz for this new opus.
Reading over several commentators, a few blogs devoted to music and comments from the fans, it would seem the consensus of opinion is positive. Of course, only the reader will be able to judge for themselves so below, you will find the YouTube video of the song. Note that Ms. Spears has not yet shot the accompanying video for the song so this recording is sound only. There are differing reports but it is assumed the video will be out well before the album due in March which means we can look forward to dance steps from Britney to go along with the song.
Question: Is this new single a bit of a copy of If You Seek Amy?

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