Thousands Of Sudanese In Wau Denounce Mistreatment Claims

Thousands of Sudanese residing in Wau listen to the State governor speech in Wau [©Gurtong]

Thousands of Sudanese residing in Wau listen to the State governor speech in Wau [©Gurtong]

Thousands of these demonstrators who condemned their president’s wild claims were peacefully received by the State Governor, Hon. Rizik Zackaria Hassan at the State office.

The demonstrators said that, “President Omar al-Bashir claims weren’t true that we are being tortured or mistreated along religious lines by the South Sudan government.”

In a speech delivered by the Sudanese security apparatus spokesperson of the Sudanese nationals in WBGS, Al Tayeb Ahmed Hajer said that, they organized the peaceful procession to dismiss false allegations said by their president in Khartoum this week. 

“We as the Sudanese in South Sudan are not involved with the north’s irresponsibility and allegations based on unfound facts imposed by the National Congress Party (NCP) in Sudan to distraught our peaceful co-existence here in the south,” Hajer said.  

“We do not have any insecurity issues in Wau, we are in unity with our beloved brothers and sisters here as one nation,” he said.

“Today we are urging the Khartoum Government to stop provoking South Sudan through raising propaganda statements that the government is mistreating us,” Hajer added.  

Hajer also mentioned that, “as Muslims in Wau we are secure and well respected by other religious organizations and the Government of South Sudan.”

“As a Muslim community in Wau, we appreciate President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his cabinet ministers for shutting down the oil pipeline that export the South’s oil through Sudanese coast of Red Sea port due to the dishonesty by the Khartoum government on the International oil transit fees,” Hajer said.
Governor Zackaria and his State government welcomed the peaceful decision taken by Sudanese nationals living in his State and promised to protect them. 
“Your properties are secure and no one will attempt to destroy or steal them here in Wau and other States across South Sudan,” Hassan pointed out.

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